8 year old video from Turkey viral as French police using water cannon to stop Muslims from praying

Written by Abdul M

France: France President Emmanuel Macron made derogatory remarks against Islam this month, which led to the Arab nations calling for a boycott of French products. Many Arab nations including, Morocco, Saudi Arab, Turkey, and Pakistan have condemned Macron’s comment on Islam. Amidst this controversy, a video is going viral where the police can be seen using water cannon over Muslim women protestors.

User (@YamrajFromHell) Parveen Chauhan, shared this video with the caption “Well done French police Streets are for the cars, not for praying.”,  (Archive)

Another user (@dharmicverangna) Vaidehi, shared the same video with a caption, “French police used water cannon to clear the streets of Yüksekova! Streets are for cars, not for praying.” Th user initially said that its from France and later clarified that the video is from Turkey and asked people to understand the joke.  (Archive)

Another user @PiyushTweets1 shared the video with the caption, “When India is going to come out with secularism band & when will we start similar practice in India”.

This video is shared by many other users without knowing the City name mentioned in the tweet “Yüksekova” is in Turkey but not in France. This video is viral on Facebook also.

FactO Check:

We did a reverse image search of some screenshots taken from the video and found a video posted on YouTube on 9thNOV 2012 with a caption in Turkish “Gaz bombalı ‘civil Cuma namazı – Yüksekova – Gever” (Civil Friday prayer with gas bombs – Yüksekova – Gever). According to another article published by on 9th NOV 2012, citizens caught in the gas bombs performed their prayers without paying attention to the gas bombs. Citizens offering prayer reacted after the prayer and wanted to hold a sit-in action to support the hunger strikes. Police intervened with pressurized water and gas bombs against citizens who reacted and made a sit-in.

Youtube Video posted on 9th NOV 2012 from the same event.

Why this 8-year-old video is viral again?

The video was recently posted by @EdipBedirhan, with the same caption which is viral in India. The user has already clarified that the video is from Turkey and Turkish police, using water cannon against Kurdish protesters. User @EdipBedirhan wants to show the hypocrisy of Turkish President Erdogan who used water cannon against his own people.

Conclusion: An 8-year-old video posted by a Twitter user where water cannon and gas bombs were used against Muslims praying in Yüksekova,Turkey is being shared by Indian users with a different claim. The video is 8 years old and it’s from Turkey, not France.


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