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A pregnant elephant’s death in Kerala got communalized



Kerala: A 15-year-old pregnant Elephant died in Palakkad district of Kerala on 27th May,  where multiple news agencies reported the incident as an elephant was fed cracker stuffed pineapple. This news has shaken us all and the social media was flooded with posts condemning the act and demanding the Kerala Police to book the culprit(s).

In the meantime, a few sections of social media started blaming Muslims for the death of the elephant, Tarek Fatah a Pakistani born Canadian, tweeted “The atrocity of feeding a pregnant elephant with pineapple full of firecrackers & killing her, took place in the Mallapuram district of India’s Kerala State. The district is the only Muslim-majority district of the state with an over 70% Muslim population. What are the chances?“. (Archive)

A twitter user @kaalicoffee wrote, “Getting to know that the pregnant elephant was killed in Kerala was in an area dominated by Muslims. The act was doe because Hindus consider elephant sacred…”.  She took down the tweet after it went viral.

Here is another tweet from the user after taking down the tweet.

Another user Madhur(@ThePlacardGuy) tweeted a video where he says “हाथी को भगवन मानते हो और फिर उन्ही भगवन को मार दिया, मल्लापुरम में ये घटना हुआ है, मैं चाहता हु की आप लोग Google पर जा कर मल्लापुरम का demographic चेक करो और खुद हे पता लगा लो की किसने मारा, अग्रर मैं बोल दूंगा की किसने मारा तोह आप लोग मुझे Islamophobic बोलने लगोगे ” (We believe that elephants are sacred and to be worshiped but on the other hand they were being killed. Please go to Google and search for demographics of Mallapuram, you will come to know who killed Elephant, if i tell you who killed it, you will start calling me Islamophobic.)

Archive link

Union minister Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, tweeted that his government has taken a very serious note about the incident that happened in Mallapuram district of Kerala.  (Archive)

BJP MP from Sultanpur UP has also tweeted the “Mallapuram is know for its intense criminal activity especially with regards to animals. ” (archive)

Find more tweets here

It all begun with misleading news published by multiple agencies, which claimed that the incident happened in Malappuram district.

FactO Check:

Where did The Incident happen? 

The incident happened in the forest area of Palakkad District of Kerala, The forest area is on the border of Palakkad and Mallapuram district. CM Pinarayi Vijayan tweeted, “In a tragic incident in Palakkad dist, a pregnant elephant has lost its life. Many of you have reached out to us. We want to assure you that your concerns will not go in vain. Justice will prevail.”.

The NewsMinute editor-in-chief Dhanya Rajendran also tweeted that the incident had not taken place in Malappuram, but in Kottopadam panchayat in Mannarkad in Palakkad district.

How the Elephant Died?

As per the initial report and news agencies claim, the elephant died after eating cracker stuffed pineapple offered by someone.  According to Fact check published by IBT, it was learned that the reason for the elephant’s death was due to asphyxia where water had got into her lungs and trachea. Dr David Abraham, Assistant Forest Veterinary Officer, Thrissur, carried out the “preliminary postmortem” on May 28.

Even Kerala Forest Department has tweeted that, “There’s no conclusive evidence that injury to lower jaw was caused by pineapple stuffed wd cracker. However, this may be a possibility. Dept. has booked offence against unknown offenders, whose identity is being established.

As per an article published by The Quint, Mannarkkad District Forest Officer K Sunil Kumar clarified that there is no confirmation that the animal had consumed a pineapple, as dictated by media reports.

He said that the locals could not have fed a fruit stuffed with live firecrackers to a wild elephant inside the forest as that would be very dangerous.

“The animal had sustained injuries because of explosives in its mouth. This was an act done by some people living in the forest fringes to keep the animals away from his or her cultivated land. But this was not done intentionally to kill a pregnant elephant,” he told The Quint.

Many social media users have deliberately tried to give the incident a communal spin by claiming that the incident happened in Malappuram district, a Muslim majority district in Kerala. Multiple news agencies and fact-check websites have denied this claim.

ClaimReview: Pregnant Elephant killed in Mallapuram, a district known for violence again animals

Claim By: Menaka Gandhi, Prakash Javadekar

Fact Check by Facto News: MISLEADING

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Fake News

TOI, HT, Zee News, and Republic have falsely claimed that Actor Javed Hyder is selling vegetables to make ends meet



Mumbai: Bollywood, one of the biggest industries in India,  has also suffered huge losses due to lock-down in Mumbai for the past 3 months. While most of the daily wagers working in Bollywood are struggling to meet their needs, some stars are using this time to spend with their families.

Recently, a video was viral on social media with the claim that Actor Javed Hyder, who has worked with Bollywood stars like Amir Khan is struggling to make his end meets. It was also claimed that actor has started to sell vegetables to support his family. Former Big Boss contestant Dolly Bindra has shared a video claiming that the actor is forced to sell vegetables to support his family. 

He is an actor aaj woh sabzi bech raha hain javed hyder Born: India. Javed Hyder is an Indian actor associated with the movie Baabarr (2009), and TV series Jeannie Aur Juju (2012). His 2017 release includes the Hindi drama film Life Ki Aisi Ki Taisi.


Prominent News agencies like Zee News, India TV, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Republic has also published articles claiming that Actor Javed Hyder has been seen selling vegetables due to lockdown.

Zee News

Republic Bharat

FactO Check

As we received several requests to fact check this claim, we did some web search and found that Quint has already debunked this fake news. According to Quint:

I Am Not Selling Vegetables for a Living’: Javed Hyder
“I recently joined TikTok and made a few videos as a vegetable seller, to motivate people,” Javed Hyder told The Quint.

“By god’s grace, I am not selling vegetables to earn a living. I downloaded TikTok and posed as a vegetable seller for a video that was widely shared and appreciated by people. When I made another video, Dolly Bindra shared it claiming that I have no work, due to which I am selling vegetables to make ends meet. This is not true.”
Javed Hyder, Actor

We also found an article from BollywoodLife quoted a report in which Javed said, “No, I am not a vegetable vendor. I am an actor by profession even now. The entire selling vegetable video was just an act and I had made that TikTok only to motivate my followers that one should not give up when times are tough and that no work is small or big. I had no idea that it would go out with this message. Dolly Bindra ji had shared the video on her social media handle stating that I’m selling vegetables now and I had even commented that it was only an act and nothing more, but I think people didn’t notice it and the video went viral overnight.”

Conclusion: So, the viral video with the claim that actor Javed Hyder is selling vegetables in lockdown is false and misleading. It was just an act he did for tik-tok before it was banned.

ClaimReview: Due to lockdown Actor Javed Hyder is selling vegetable

Claim By : Actor Dolly Bindra, News Agency Hindustan Times, Zee News, Republic Bharat

Fact Check By Facto News: FALSE

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Fake News

A video from Russia is going viral as accident on Bengaluru-Mysore highway




Bengaluru: A video of an un-controlled truck crashing into 3-4 cars on the highway is going viral. The video is said to be from the Bengaluru-Mysore highway and is widely shared over WhatsApp and Social Media. The video is viral with different captions, a page called Today’s WhatsApp Vira has shared the video With Caption “This is in Mysore road Near Kengeri NEAR BANGALORE. in #Karnataka. Terrible, Horrible, unacceptable. Just now received. sharing as it is Source: Copy Paste From WhatsApp Group”.(Archive)

The Caption itself specifying that it was taken from Whatsapp, so we can imagine how viral this video could be on WhatsApp.

Another facebook page with over 2.2 lakhs likes has shared the video with the caption,”This is Mysore road, near kegel, just now recorded”.

FactO Check:
 We converted the video in frames and did a  reverse image search, which directed us to multiple articles on Russian news portals, here, here. Ruptly has also published an article on 17th June 2020. According to an article published by Ruplty and other news agencies, The accident happened on the M-5 highway “Ural”  in the Chelyabinsk region (Russia). Two people were killed and seven injured after a truck ran into five vehicles.

Conclusion: Everything you see on WhatsApp and Facebook/Twitter feeds are not true. We request you to check the authenticity before sharing it to your wall or forwarding to friends and family.

ClaimReview: Truck crashing cars on Bangalore-Mysore Highway

ClaimBy: Facebook user

Fact Check by FactoNews: FALSE

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Fake News

No! Indira Gandhi didn’t address the army jawans at Galwan Valley as Congress claimed



The  violent face-off between Indian and Chinese troops at Galwan Valley has resulted in the death of 20 brave Indian soldiers. After the incident,  PM Modi has called in for an all-party meeting in which he said, “Na wahaan koi hamaari seema mein ghus gaya hai aur na hi koi ghusa hua hai, na hi hamaari koi post kisi doosre ke kabze mein hai (Neither they have entered our border, nor have any of our posts been in the possession of another)”.  This statement has triggered a lot of criticism from the opposition, Congress party. Rahul Gandhi, targeted PM Modi over his statements and shared the satellite images to claim that the Chinese have occupied Indian territory at Pangong Tso, and questioned PM Modi over the alleged intrusion.

At this point, a  lot of  Congress’s official Twitter handles have tweeted an image of  former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, addressing Indian Jawans in the backdrop of mountains. The image went viral with a claim that the Indira Gandhi was addressing Army jawans at Galwan Valley. Many social media users have share this viral claim.

UP Congress, @INCUttarPradesh has shared this image from their official handle. The tweet has garnered more than 2.2k retweets and 9.2k likes. Archived here

Youth Congress, @IYC has also shared this viral image with a caption, “While one roared, another cowered”. The tweet got more than 1000 retweets. Archived here

FactO Check:

A simple reverse image search has directed us to an article in a  website called, “art-sheep.  According to the article, the picture was taken in Leh, 1971, when former PM Indira Gandhi was addressing jawans.

The same picture can also be found in PTI’s old photo archives. A simple search by keyword, ‘Indira-Gandhi-Leh-1971’, would direct to the picture.

Conclusion: It is evident that the picture was taken in Leh (1971) but not at Galwan ValleySo the claim that Indira Gandhi has addressed the jawans at Galwan Valley is false and misleading.

ClaimReview: Former PM Indira Gandhi addressing Army jawans at Galwan Valley.

Claim By: @IYC , INCUttarPradesh

Fact Check by Facto News: FALSE

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