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A video clip from a Hollywood movie is falsely shared as Tornado in Toronto

Written by Hritik Mishra

A four-minute video clip of a storm destructing everything in its path is being widely shared on the Internet with a claim that the hurricane caused landfall in Canada and China’s National Geographic magazine has bought the video for 1 million dollars.

A Twitter user with the handle name Sudhir Deshpande has shared only a 44-second clip of the video with the caption in Marathi that reads, “या चक्रीवादळामुळे कॅनडाच्या टोरोंटोमधील विमानतळावरही लँडफॉल झाला. भयानक! चायना नॅशनल जिओग्राफिक मासिकाने हा व्हिडिओ 1 दशलक्ष डॉलर्सवर विकत घेतला आहे, तो पाहण्याची संधी गमावू नका! व्हिडिओ कालावधी: 4 मिनिटे 10 सेकंद* देवापुढे (निसर्ग) माणूस* *पालापाचोळा ….* (Translation – The tornado also caused landfall at an airport in Toronto, Canada. Awesome! China’s National Geographic magazine has bought this video for 1 million dollars, don’t miss the opportunity to miss it. Video duration – 4 minute 10 seconds *Man before God (Nature)* Palapachola). Find more claims here, here and here. Archive

Source: Twitter/Screenshot

We also found the video quite viral on Facebook as well as on YouTube with the same claim. Find more claims on Facebook here and here . The video is also viral on YouTube. Please find them here, and here.

Source: Facebook/Screenshot

FactO Check

After several requests on our WhatsApp helpline to verify the claim, we fragmented the video into multiple keyframes and made a reverse image search. The results led us to a movie trailer on YouTube. The video in the circulation is an edited version of some scenes, cherry-picked from the Hollywood movie, ‘Into the storm’. The movie is a science-fiction based on tornadoes and was released in 2014 under the banner of Warner Bros. and directed by Steven Quale.

We have compared some keyframes from both the videos, to show the similarities between the viral video and the trailer video of the movie ‘Into the Storm’.

Conclusion: It is evident that the viral video is from the movie, Into the Storm. The above claims are fake and misleading.


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