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A video from U.S. is being shared as Indian Army patrolling over Pangong Tso Lake, Ladakh



Ladakh: India has lost 20 brave soldiers in the violent face-off between the Indian and Chinese troops near Galwan valley. Ever since the incident, several unrelated images and videos claiming to be of the Indian army are doing rounds across social media.

Recently a video is viral on social media with a claim that the Indian Army is using Apache Helicopter for patrolling over Pangong Tso lake.( This lake is situated at Galwan Valley)

Many Twitter users shared this video with the same claim. In the viral video, it can be seen that some helicopters are flying over a lake. (Archive)

Tweet reads as,

Superb…Our Apache attack helicopters patrol over Pangong Tso in Ladakh 👏🏼👏🏼 Appreciate


Here is what he replied when a twitter user told him this video not from Ladakh.

This video is also posted by many users on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. Ramayan Bhakt. Kuldeep Singh.

FactO Check:

We have received multiple requests from users to verify this viral claim. We did a frame by frame analysis of the video and took some screenshots and did a reverse image search of the screen grabs. In our search, we were directed towards a YouTube link, uploaded by a channel named “Down To Fly”. According to the channel owner, the video is from a location called “Lake Havasu”, and was uploaded on 22 Jan 2018.  “Lake Havasu” is located in Arizona, USA.

It is evident that this video is from USA and has no connection with Pangong Tso lake or Indian Army.

Conclusion: Viral video claiming to be of Indian Army patrolling with apache helicopter is fake. This is a 2-year-old video, from Havasu lake, Arizona.

ClaimReview:  Indian Army using Apache helicopter for patrolling over Pangong Lake.

Claim By: Maj Gen Brajesh Kr
Fact check by Factonews : FALSE

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Fake Viral

Kangana Ranaut falls for satire, thanks Facebook for ‘mark yourself safe from Shiv Sena’ feature and later clarifies.




Mumbai: Kangana has been in the limelight since the day she joined Twitter officially. She was initially in the news demanding justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, but then eventually tables have turned, due to Kangana Ranaut’s remarks on comparing Mumbai to PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). The focus now has shifted to Maharashtra’s Shiv Sena govt. vs Kangana Ranaut. Yesterday, she quoted “The Fauxy” in a tweet (Archive) thanking Facebook for introducing “Mark Yourself Safe From Shivsena Goons”. The Fauxy published an article satirical portal after an attack on Retd Navy officer by Shiv Sena goons for sharing a cartoon (archive here)

Kangana’s tweet went so viral and received over 8K RTs. She Wrote “Thank you Facebook free speech must be protected in a democracy, people need to be protected from Sonia Sena goons much like COVID -19 virus, thank you for being considerate, well done (Clap Emoji)”

In her previous tweets, she misled many people by sharing a 10-year-old Aamir khan’s fake quote , again falsely claiming that Aamir Khan said he was scared of India.

FactO Check:

When we checked their twitter handle and website, we found a disclaimer that says, “The Fauxy is a Satire Web Portal. The content of this website is a work of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse the articles of The Fauxy as genuine and true.” We also found that many twitter users replied to the Kangana’s tweet and informed her the same. After multiple replies and clarifications by twitter users, the actress finally responded, but not to her tweet.

We found a tweet by Kangana responding to FJP India(Free Journal Press), where she has clarified that she was being sarcastic.

Conclusion: The social media users have a divided opinion on this. While many have trolled the actress, some believe that her tweet is intended for sarcasm. It would have been better, if Kangana has replied to her own tweet clarifying the issue.

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Fake Viral

Photograph by an Iranian visual artist is viral as Iraqi orphan girl missing her mother




Social Media: The battle between the United States Army and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has left many people displaced in Iraq. Decades of war in Iraq had a huge impact on the children. It is estimated that more than 2 million children are not getting any education, with most of them displaced and lost their families. A picture of a girl-child went viral as soon as American intervention started in Iraq in 2014. In the viral photo, the  girl can be seen sleeping on an drawing, supposedly of her mother. Many people have been sharing the photo with the claim as an Iraqi girl missing her mother.

The viral claim:

9GaG, a social media portal famous for memes has also made the same claim, “An Iraqi girl in an orphanage – missing her mother so she drew her and fell asleep inside her.” Most of the viral claim related to this photo is an Iraqi girl. But the truth is the original photo was clicked in Iran.

The claim is viral here, here, here.

FactO Check:

With a quick reverse image search using TinEye we were led to many websites and portal with different stories, by drilling down to many other pages we found the original photo posted by Bahareh bisheh from Iran in 2012 on Flickr , a photo-sharing social site. The caption of the image says ‘I have a mother’. The photo went so viral with different claims. According to his Instagram account, Bahareh Bisheh is a Visual Artist , Illustrator, Photographer based in Iran, he is known for making such creative photos/visuals, please watch this YouTube video where he shared many such photos created by him.

While replying to a user Bahareh said “This little girl is my cousin and she actually fell asleep on the asphalt just outside my house. She must have played for some time and just lied to rest and fell asleep. I have used a chair to stand on in order to take this shot. There is no orphanage involved and no tragic story behind this. I took this opportunity to be creative. It is a style of photography. You can use my photos in your web blog If you mention my name as the photographer of this photo. thanks to all for the consideration .”

Conclusion: The child is neither missing her mother nor she is from Iraq, it was her uncle, a visual artist, created this photo. All the viral claims about this image are found to be false.


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Fake Viral

Covid-19 Fact: Children are not immune to Covid-19 and they should wear masks.



With schools starting soon, health care authorities are working towards providing a safe environment for children. Health care officials in US and Canada have recommended that children above the age of two must wear masks inside the school premises. Masks were made mandatory in public places as it reduces the risk of transmission of coronavirus. But some people still refuse to wear masks in public due to several illogical reasons and conspiracy theories. Recently, a flyer went viral across social media with some ridiculous claims.

A Facebook user ‘Shelia Cooper’ has shared a flyer in her post (Archived here) on August 17, 2020. The flyer with the title ‘UN-MASK OUR KIDS’ talks about the risk of children acquiring the virus by wearing masks. Further, the flyer provides some unproven and self-proclaimed facts about the chances of children acquiring and transmitting the virus. The flyer also talks about the risks children might face wearing the mask.

Another social media user ‘Jodie Meschuk’ , shared the same flyer in an Instagram post on Aug 30, 2020 (Archived here). Jodie often talks about anti-vaccination in her posts.

View this post on Instagram

👉🏻Still👈🏻 so many kids in masks. It doesn’t have to be this way. You get to choose. You are the line in the sand mama. It feels like a good time to bring this post back up again: . “Friends Don't Let Friends Mask Their Children." Wow, it started some great discussion! A couple of you requested a TOOL YOU CAN USE to encourage your friends to weigh the costs and benefits of putting masks on children. Well, you asked, and so I've created a clear and simple half-sheet flyer for you to engage in conversation with people around you. You don't even have to state your opinion, if you're afraid of causing conflict. Just hand them the flyer and say something like, "I thought this was interesting and I'm wondering what you think." This is for your use, wherever you see fit. Think about the people in your community who interact with or influence kids the most, such as teachers, school admin, day care staff, the dance studio, the gymnastics center, the karate dojo, your friends and neighbors, your MOPS group, your extended family, and whomever else you want to challenge to think outside the box. You can share it on your social media (please tag me) and we can educate parents together. Sound good? The download is completely FREE, no need to sign up for anything at all. See link in profile. #unmaskedrevolution

A post shared by Jodie Meschuk (@jodiemeschuk) on

Claim 1: ‘The chance of a child dying from COVID-19 rounds to zero’

Truth: According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most reported SARS-CoV-2 infections in children younger than 18 are asymptomatic or mild. Current evidence from North America and China suggests that children with certain underlying medical conditions and infants might be at increased risk for severe illness from SARS-CoV-2 infection. Dr Dean Blumberg, Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at UC Davis Health, told AFP by phone: “Children are less likely to get infected compared to adults when they’re exposed to an infectious case, but they still do get infected. And we know that children have died from COVID-19.” This was echoed by Dr Erin Silverman, clinical research coordinator at the University of Florida College of Medicine. “We know that COVID-19 is less fatal in children than adults and children are less likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19,” Silverman said in an email. However, she cautioned that the number and rate of cases in children in the United States has been steadily increasing from March to July 2020, with the percentage of children with COVID-19 requiring hospitalization also on the rise. “Nearly 100 kids have died as a direct result of COVID-19 this year. The claim that you can take that number and ’round to zero’ isn’t as comforting if it’s your child or the child of someone you care about dying,” Silverman said. Blumberg also pointed to the post-infection risk of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C), which causes multiple organs to become painfully inflamed. “Those children are quite ill, many of them in the intensive care unit,” he explained.

Claim 2: ‘The chances of an asymptomatic child transmitting COVID-19 rounds to zero’

Truth: An August 19 CDC publication for pediatric health care workers reported that 16 percent of children with a SARS-CoV-2 infection are asymptomatic. While this study from France suggested it could be as many as 45 percent of infected children. Dr Benjamin Lee, associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Vermont, said by email: “The chance of an asymptomatic child transmitting COVID-19 is low, but is not zero, and nobody in the scientific community has ever argued that children are incapable of transmitting the virus.” Dr Sunil Sood, chairman of Pediatrics – Infectious Disease at Northwell Health’s Southside Hospital, agreed, telling AFP by phone that there is no biological reason that a child would not be able to transmit the virus to somebody else. Also Read: Plandemic Sequel Clip Makes Misleading Claims About COVID-19 Vaccine

Claim 3: ‘Children and anyone healthy are extremely resilient and natural exposure to viruses helps build an even stronger immunity.’

Truth: University of Vermont’s Lee explained that this claim is misleading. “The adverse consequences of infection with many viruses can be devastating — which is why vaccines against them were developed,” he said. “Nobody would trade ‘stronger immunity’ to poliovirus for the paralysis that might result from natural infection.” Lee also pointed to this study, which found “measles infection can greatly diminish previously acquired immune memory, potentially leaving individuals at risk for infection by other pathogens.” The University of Florida’s Silverman also pointed to the measles in saying, “Vaccines are much, much safer than non-vaccine exposure.”

Claim 4: Wearing a mask will lead to a slow build-up of CO2.

Truth: AFP Fact Check has previously debunked false claims that mask-wearing will lead to hypoxia, a lack of oxygen in the body, or hypercapnia, a build-up of carbon dioxide in the blood. Lee agreed, saying: “There is no scientific evidence that wearing a mask causes a slow build-up of CO2 in quantities sufficient to cause health effects.” “CO2 is a gas, made up of individual molecules infinitesimally smaller than even a virus, and can easily diffuse through cloth. To argue that masks cause a significant build-up of CO2 is akin to arguing that cloth facial coverings are air-tight.” This was echoed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Claim 5: Wearing a mask will lead to ‘suffocation for babies or toddlers who cannot communicate when they need more oxygen’

Truth: No public health agency recommends masks for babies. The CDC recommends children older than two wear a mask over their nose and mouth when in public settings in which it is difficult to practice social distancing. As of August 21, the World Health Organization advises that children under age five not be required to wear a mask. UC Davis’s Blumberg said mask exemptions should extend to any child who cannot safely remove the mask themselves, including “older children who may have impaired neurodevelopment.” Also Read: Anti-mask Posts Use Fake WHO Document To Spread Misinformation

Claim 6: Wearing a mask will lead to ‘inhaling micro-mold caused by trapped water vapors from exhalation’

Truth: Asked about this claim, Sood, an expert in infectious diseases, said: “It is just completely false and baseless.” “The mask itself is not a risk,” he said. The CDC recommends everyone wash and completely dry cloth face coverings after each wearing. If a mask gets wet, it is advisable to change it, but Blumberg, who specializes in preventing and treating childhood infections, said: “Even if they do get wet by the child’s own mouth — their own oral fora — they’ve already been exposed to those bacteria… so that’s not going to expose them to additional bacteria.”

Claim 7: Wearing a mask will lead to ‘ingestion of bacteria or parasites on the mask from kids’ unwashed hands touching it’

Truth: Good hand hygiene is key to avoiding infection from the novel coronavirus and other bacteria or parasites. Lee said, “Pinworms and diarrheal illnesses have been with us from time immemorial, long before COVID-19. There is no evidence to suggest that these infections have been occurring more frequently in areas where more children are wearing masks.” “Ultimately, we are not putting children at risk by asking that they wear a mask. When everyone wears a mask, even children, that makes everyone’s child safer,” Lee added.

Here is an article from ‘BBC Future‘ with a much detailed explanation about the risk of children acquiring and transmitting the virus.

Conclusion: There is enough scientific evidence that wearing a mask would reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. Please wear a mask. Don’t be a ‘KAREN’!

Article First Published by “BOOM” 

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