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Baba Ramdev shared fake certificate in 2013 to prove presence of Gold in Gomotra Mineral Extract

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Noida: Patanjali co-founder Swamy Ramdev shared a certificate on his Twitter account in 2013 claiming the presence of Gold in Cow urine. This news went viral over TV and print media during that period. According to his tweet, He claimed that Patanjali’s verified lab result shows 0.27 ppm Gold(Au) present in Gomotra mineral extracted. (Archive)

He also made the same claim on his Ashtha TV show, that his research team has found Gold in Cow urine.

Baba Ramdev has shared the same report(SGS Report) again in DEC 2013 to prove his claim to one of the Twitter users. (Archive)

FactO Check:

Our team came across this tweet after few users started sharing it again. The claim was made in 2013 when Swamy Ramdev shared a certificate purportedly issued by SGS through his Twitter claiming that his research team has found Gold in cow urine. The certificate had the SGS logo on it. SGS is a testing, inspection, and certification company having a global presence.

First, we searched for all the certificates related to Patanjali available on SGSgroup’s website. The search yielded 5 results, however, the certificate shared by Ramdev which alleges the presence of cow urine can be seen nowhere on the SGS website.

<<Image Removed after Request from Legal team>>

When we couldn’t find the alleged certificate on their website, we reached out to to get more details. The company replied saying that they do not keep data after the redemption period and redirected us to the SGS India team to validate the certificate by the local teams based in Kolkata and Chennai. The SGS local team, Kolkata, has confirmed over the call that the certificate is fake. We have asked them to respond to the email and confirm the same. The team has mentioned that they will get the email replied through an authorized official.

<<Image Removed after Request from Legal team>>

On the 27th of May, 2021,  we have received an email from Chennai SGS. To keep the identity of the person safe, we have hidden the sender’s details. In the reply to our request, the Head of Laboratory SGS India, has confirmed that the certificate shared by Ramdev is not an SGS Document.

<<Image Removed after Request from Legal team>>

Upon the response from SGS, we have reached out to Patanjali through email and asked if they have any evidence to prove the certificate shared by Ramdev on Twitter was actually issued by SGS. This article will be updated once we receive any response from Patanjali.

Conclusion: Based on the response from SGS, the certificate (which alleges the presence of gold in cow urine) shared by Swamy Ramdev in 2013 was found to be fake.


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