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Fake Viral

BJP leaders retweet ‘I stand with India’ tweet from parody accounts of world leaders



India and China have been in a face-off along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) from the past month. On 15th June,  20 Indian soldiers were martyred in a clash with the Chinese troops in Galwan Valley, Ladakh. Ever since the incident, several unrelated images, videos, and fake news is being spread in social media platforms. A mainstream media agency went a step further and read out a fake list of casualties of Chinese soldiers on live TV.

Amidst the rising tensions between India and China, some social media users have created parody(impersonating) accounts of world leaders like Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump, and Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, and started tweeting that they support India. Some users have even created fake profiles with Chinese  names, and started tweeting against China. These impersonating accounts were trending as they tweeted pictures of world leaders with PM Narendra Modi, with a caption “I stand with India”.

Several top BJP leaders from their verified twitter handles and a prominent news agency shared/retweeted such tweets from these parody accounts. Carrie lam cheng (Chief executive of Hong kong).Here are some screenshots from two accounts impersonating US President, Donald Trump. One tweet supports India with the caption, “I stand with India”, while the other calls for boycotting Chinese products in India.

Here is screenshots from an account impersonating  Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. BJP’s top leaders, Suresh Kumar Khanna (Cabinet Minister for Finance),  Prabhat Jha ( National Vice President BJP),  Subramanian Swamy (BJP MP, Rajya Sabha) were on the list who retweeted this. The tweet went viral with over 22K RT. 

DD News and DD news Hindi also Retweeted fake Benjamin Netanyahu’s congratulatory tweet for PM Narendra Modi.

Here is another account with the name Carrie Lam Cheng, claiming to be the chief executive of Hong Kong, shared a video claiming that Hong Kong is protesting in solidarity towards Indian soldiers attacked by the Chinese Army. We couldn’t independently verify whether this video is from Hong Kong, but we are sure this account is not of Chief Executive of  Hong Kong “Carrie Lam Cheng”.

The fake account has some old tweets rooting for PM Modi in 2014. Here is a glimpse of the  account impersonating  Hong Kong ‘s Chief Executive.

Here are some other screenshots of an account impersonating Angela Merkel.

You can view the archived version <a href="" data-recalc-dims=here.” width=”547″ height=”185″>

We found all the accounts which are being retweeted by many prominent leaders are of parody accounts which were tweeting in support of India and many have fallen for this trap. It is easy for a user to simply identify fake accounts.

Here is what we suggest our readers to check before falling for a parody account on Twitter. Twitter authenticates the accounts with a blue tick right next to the user name. The world leaders will have a verified blue tick for their accounts. You can check the blue tick and the bio before RTing. Many of those impersonating accounts have already mentioned in their bios that they are tweeting from a parody account. The final step would be going through the content shared in the past. It is possible that these accounts may still have their old tweets. By analyzing these tweets, we can easily differentiate between the original and fake accounts.

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Fake Viral

An old video from Israel is being shared with a false narrative mocking Indian army



India: A video is going viral across social media which takes a dig at the Indian army, mocking the armed forces. A Facebook page “J&K update 24×7”, shared a video in which a soldier gets knocked over by a rolling tire while trying to kick it. The video was shared with a caption, “Indian forces with border area”,  and it has garnered almost 2.4k likes and 1.3k shares on Facebook. The video was also viral in WhatsApp groups. (Archive)

Indian forces with border area😁😁😁😀😀😝😝 like this page

Posted by J&K update 24×7 on Thursday, June 25, 2020

FactO Check:

A simple reverse image search led us to multiple YouTube videos from different sources. The video can also be found in DailyMotion. The incident happened in June 2014, in Israel when the Israel armed forces were trying to control a riot between them and the Palestinian protesters.  

A YouTube channel, “polster2”  also shared this video on June 7, 2014.

Conclusion: It is evident that the incident happened in Israel, on June 2014 and has nothing to do with the Indian Army or Jammu and Kashmir border area. The claim is misleading, fake and made intentionally to disrespect the Indian armed forces in a public platform. We request the audience to verify the sources before posting or sharing content across social media. 

ClaimReview: Indian Army soldier at border area knocked down by a rolling tire. 

Claim By : Facebook Page, J&K update 24×7.

Fact Check By Facto News: FALSE

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Fake Viral

A video from U.S. is being shared as Indian Army patrolling over Pangong Tso Lake, Ladakh



Ladakh: India has lost 20 brave soldiers in the violent face-off between the Indian and Chinese troops near Galwan valley. Ever since the incident, several unrelated images and videos claiming to be of the Indian army are doing rounds across social media.

Recently a video is viral on social media with a claim that the Indian Army is using Apache Helicopter for patrolling over Pangong Tso lake.( This lake is situated at Galwan Valley)

Many Twitter users shared this video with the same claim. In the viral video, it can be seen that some helicopters are flying over a lake. (Archive)

Tweet reads as,

Superb…Our Apache attack helicopters patrol over Pangong Tso in Ladakh 👏🏼👏🏼 Appreciate


Here is what he replied when a twitter user told him this video not from Ladakh.

This video is also posted by many users on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. Ramayan Bhakt. Kuldeep Singh.

FactO Check:

We have received multiple requests from users to verify this viral claim. We did a frame by frame analysis of the video and took some screenshots and did a reverse image search of the screen grabs. In our search, we were directed towards a YouTube link, uploaded by a channel named “Down To Fly”. According to the channel owner, the video is from a location called “Lake Havasu”, and was uploaded on 22 Jan 2018.  “Lake Havasu” is located in Arizona, USA.

It is evident that this video is from USA and has no connection with Pangong Tso lake or Indian Army.

Conclusion: Viral video claiming to be of Indian Army patrolling with apache helicopter is fake. This is a 2-year-old video, from Havasu lake, Arizona.

ClaimReview:  Indian Army using Apache helicopter for patrolling over Pangong Lake.

Claim By: Maj Gen Brajesh Kr
Fact check by Factonews : FALSE

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Fake Viral

A mock drill video from Pune being shared as ‘Corona patients are now found on the roads’




Pune: Maharashtra is one of the hotspots in India with maximum number of corona virus cases. A video of the patient being picked from road by four men in PPE gear, and taken to the hospital in an ambulance is going viral.

A Facebook user posted the video with the claim, “पुण्यातील रस्त्यांवर कोरोनाचे रुग्ण सार्वजानिक ठिकाणी सापडण्यास सुरवात झाली आहे, भयानक परिस्थिती आहे, सर्वांनीच आपली व आपल्या कुटुंबाची काळजी घ्या ….सुरक्षित रहा”

Translated from Marathi “The patients of Corona virus are now found in public places in Pune. It’s a terrible situation. Everyone take care.

There are many other users sharing this video with same claim. Please find here.

FactO Check:

With the help of reverse image search, we found a tweet of Pune Mirror, with the caption “#PMC health officials conducted a mock drill at Deccan Corner to know the response time of concern authorities in case a COVID related emergency arises“. With these tweets, it clear that it wasn’t a real incident in Pune city but a mock drill conducted by PMC health workers.

Conclusion: A mock drill video from Pune is being shared in the wrong context. Any such mock drill video should be shared with a watermark, as it goes viral on other platforms without caption and it could be misleading.

ClaimReview: The patients of Corona virus are now found in public places in Pune

ClaimBy: Facebook user

Fact Check by FactoNews: FALSE

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