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BJP’s Priti Gandhi shares an old video claiming pro-Khalistan slogans raised in farmers’ protest

Written by Vamc Vadranam

Thousands of farmers from Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh have been protesting since September against the three agriculture bills passed by the government. After failing to gain support from their respective state governments (except for Rajasthan and Punjab), the farmers’ union have decided to march to Delhi to mount pressure on the union government. The protesting farmers had a clash with the police near the interstate border at Haryana’s Ambala district where water cannons were used to disperse the protesters. Amidst this ongoing protests, a lot of BJP and right-wing supporters are trying to discredit the farmers’ protest by sharing misinformation across social media. A section of media has already begun to run a smear campaign and propaganda by claiming that the protests are funded and supported by Khalistan supporters, and the farmers are misled by them.

Priti Gandhi, the national in-charge of BJP’s social media has tweeted a 15-second video clip from her official Twitter handle where a group of sikhs raising pro-khalistan slogans. Mrs. Gandhi claimed that the video is from farmers’ protest and farmers were holding Pakistan flags. The tweet has garnered over 366 retweets and hundreds of likes before she took it down. Tweet archived here

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A reverse image search of some keyframes of the 15-second video clip has led us to a YouTube video posted by ANI from their official handle on July 6, 2019 with a caption, “Sikhs in UK denounce pro-Khalistan slogans during World Cup matches”. 

The video clip posted by Priti Gandhi is cropped from the 3:06 minutes video published by ANI on YouTube. At the timestamp 0:20 seconds, a man can be seen holding a Pakistan-Khalistan flag and raising pro-Khalistan slogans. He is the same man seen in the video posted by Priti Gandhi. According to ANI and Business Standard, Sikhs living in United Kingdom have raised pro-Khalistan slogans during the world cup match between Afghanistan and Pakistan on June 29, 2019.

Conclusion: The video posted by Priti Gandhi is from a world cup match in 2019. It is evident that the video is old and not from the farmers’ protest. The viral claim by Priti Gandhi is found to be misleading, fake.

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