Code of Principles

Our Principles

FactO News is an independent fact-checking platform committed to fighting misinformation/disinformation, false and fake news that we come across social media and mainstream media. We provide our readers with verified facts and educate them on issues that focus on but not limited to political, communal, and social aspects. The following are the principles FactO News is committed to in its fight against misinformation and fake news:

Our Adherence to User Privacy

For Facto News, Your privacy is very important to us, which is why in our Privacy Policy page, we have explained in detail about how we collect, manage, process, secure, and store your private information. For more information, please visit

Our Adherence to Non-Partisanship and Transparency

As a digital media platform, Facto News and its employees strives to achieve the highest standard of fact-checking. To achieve the GOAL,  Facto News has a clear policy to not take donations, investments, or grants from a political party or any individual leader representing a political party. The employee and volunteers of Facto News, strictly comply with: carrying out his duties without any bias. The employee is prohibited from obtruding his personal or political views while reporting, fact-check writing, and editing articles. All the employees at FactO News are required to sign a Non-Partisan Agreement before joining the company.

Our Fact-Check Methodology

At FactO News, contributors and fact-checkers verify the information they gather, which includes identifying information such as names, locations, statements, timelines related to the content. The fact-checkers and contributors within our editorial team or who volunteer to fact check are committed to non-partisanship, transparency, open to constructive criticism and corrections. We continuously monitor Social media platforms and mainstream TV news channels to keep ourselves updated. We receive claims regarding fact-checking through our Facebook and Twitter handles, and/or from our Telegram, WhatsApp channels. For more details about our fact-check methodology, please visit

Our Adherence to Corrections and Criticism

We at FactO News put maximum effort to prevent errors. We always strive to be conscientious and punctilious in verifying facts before publication. Our fact-check report goes through multiple reviews before it gets published.  Whenever we see any error reported by our readers, we correct our errors publicly and transparently. When we are correcting an article, headline, media content or any other material, we will provide details explaining the change. We are attentive and open to corrections and constructive criticism and welcome all correction requests from our users/readers. For more details, please visit our Corrections Policy page.