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Deepak Chaurasia falsely claimed protests against French President as in support of Terrorists

Written by Abdul M

 New Delhi: Deepak Chaurasia of NewsNation TV tweeted that People are protesting in Mumbai and Bhopal in support of terrorists who killed 3 people in a Church in France. The caption of tweet reads as, “फ्रांस में गला काटने वाले आतंकियों के समर्थन में मुंबई से लेकर भोपाल तक में प्रदर्शन हो रहे हैं। ग़ज़ब लोग है , फ्रांस में मासूमों की हत्या हो रही है और भारत में कुछ लोग आंदोलन कर रहे है । इस भीड़ के 99% को पता भी नहीं होगा कि @EmmanuelMacron है कौन।”. (Protests are happening in Mumbai to Bhopal in support of terrorist, Innocent people are being killed and here in india people are protesting. 99% people who are protesting might not know who is Emmanuel Macron). (Archive) The Tweet has garnered over 3K RTs and 200+ quotes tweets.

This is not the first time he has shared a misleading claim. He was caught spreading fake/false claims before too. Read here.

FactO Check:

We found an article published in The Week, “Protests in Bhopal against French president”, and according to the article, the Bhopal protest was against French President Emmanuel Macron and not in support of terror attacks or beheading of the teacher. Another article from News 18, “Bhopal Congress MLA Leads Thousands in Protest Against French President Macron’s Islam Crackdown”.

Quoted from News 18 -“Protesters led by Bhopal’s Congress MLA Arif Masood gathered at the historic Iqbal Maidan, holding placards that said ‘Prophet Muhammad is our Honour’ and stomped on pictures of the ‘devil’ Macron that were scattered on the ground”. As per both articles, it’s clear the protest against French president.

Today there was a protest held in Mumbai Bhendi Bazar, where protesters taped the roads with France President’s pictures. According to ABP news, this protest was also against France President and not in support of Terrorists who killed 3 people in a church, France.

News 18 Photo

Conclusion: Being a consulting editor at a reputed media house News Nation, Deepak Chaurasia should share the truth and no misleading claims. Our research has found the claim is false and misleading.


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