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Deepak Chaurasia, Sudarshan News and others falsely claimed that Amjath and Thamim were arrested for the death of Elephant in Kerala



Kerala: The brutal killing of an 15-year-old pregnant elephant  which died in Palakkad district of Kerala was given communal angle again, yesterday we reported that how a section of social media users were falsely targeting Muslims for the Death of Pregnant Elephant, now many have deleted their tweets after exposed. 

In a fresh controversy, again many social media users have started calling out two names ‘Amjad Ali and Thamim Shaikh’ and claiming that they are arrested by Kerala Police on pregnant elephant’s murder charges. 

Amar Prasad Reddy, media advisor to the Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, was one of the earliest to tweet. He later took it down but not before it garnered thousands of likes and retweets (archive). He subsequently tweeted a clarification.

Credit | Alt News

Image Credit | Alt News

News Nation anchor Deepak Chaurasia tweets ““केरल में में गर्भवती हथिनी की हत्या के मामले में दो लोगों को गिरफ्तार किया गया है। हत्या के मामले में अमजद अली और तमीम शेख की गिरफ्तारी हुई है। इन आरोपियों पर कड़ी कारवाई होनी चाहिए” (Two people have been arrested for the murder of pregnant elephant in Kerala, Amjad Ali and Tameem Saikh arrested on the charge of murder, extreme punishment should be given to these accused.) (archive).

Image Credit | Alt News

Sudarshan News published an article with similar claim (archive). 

Image Credit | Alt News

Delhi Based Advocate, Prashant Patel Umrao, who was caught spreading misinformation multiple times (Read Alt News report here), has also made the same claim (archive). He later deleted the tweet. 

Image Credit | Alt News

Others who pushed the anti-Muslim narrative were author Ravi Rai (archive), BJP leader Varun Gandhi’s secretary Ishita Yadav (archive), VHP member Abishek Mishra (archive), BJP UP member Richa Rajpoot (archive), OpIndia sub-editor Anupam Singh (archive), columnist Rakesh Krishnan Simha (archive), Twitter user BALA @erbmjha (archive) and Twitter account of Hindu nationalist party in Kerala Indu Makkal Katchi (archive). 

FactO Check:

We tried to contact the Palakkad Police station but unfortunately, we couldn’t establish any communication. However, according to an article published by Alt News, the Palakkad Superintendent of Police G Siva Vikram has termed the social media claims “fake” and informed that a man named P Wilson has been arrested in the matter. This was also reported by DD News Malayalam, The News Minute, and Hindustan Times.

While talking to Alt News SP G Siva Vikram also told that the two people who were let off were not named Amzath Ali and Thamim Shaikh.

ClaimReview: Amjad Ali and Thamim Shaikh were arrested for the elephant killing case in Kerala

Claim By: Deepka Chaurasia, Sudarshan News, Amar Prasad Reddy

Fact Check by Facto News: FALSE

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BJP spokesperson shares an image of a Mosque from MP, claiming it to be an illegal construction in Mumbai




Mumbai: A verbal rift is going on between Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut and Kangana Ranaut after the latter called Mumbai a part of POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). On 9th Sep 2020, Mumbai’s BMC body razed part of Kangana’s Mumbai office citing illegal construction. Social media users have taken sides, while some praised the action, many of them criticized BMC’s and government’s misuse of power. At the same time, few people turned the debate into communal.

BJP spokesperson Ashwini Upadhyay posted a photo and raised the question to Uddhav Thackeray. In his tweet which is now deleted, he asks. “इस अवैध निर्माण को कब तोड़ेंगे उद्धव जी? @OfficeofUT @AUThackeray” (When will this illegal construction be demolished Udhav ji?)

Sanjay Dixit, an Ex-IAS officer has shared the photo from his verified twitter handle, with the caption “A legal construction in Bandra. When is the BMC going to notice this monstrosity in plain sight? Wait. It only insults the ordinary public, not the penguins and UTs.”

A Facebook user posted this photo on his Facebook with claim, “मुंबई में 200 से ज्यादा अवैध मस्जिदें हजारों मजारें सड़कों के बीच बनी हैं! पर BMC को सिर्फ कंगना का ऑफिस अवैध निर्माण लगा!” (Over 200+ illegal mosques are in the middle of the road in Mumbai but BMC only taking action against Kangana’s office.)

Another user posted the same photo on twitter with the claim “बांन्द्रा मे रोड पर बनी यह मस्जिद गेरकानुनी नही है?? पुछता है भारत”, (India asks, this mouse at Bandra road is legal or illegal?) (Archive) This user has replied to many twitter users asking the same question. Find here

FactO Check:

With a quick reverse image search on YanDex, we found that the photo is from Sagar District, Madhya Pradesh. While accessing Google maps in search of “Jama Masjid, (Marqaz), Katra Bazar”, one can see that Google Earth shows the same viral mosque as Jama Masjid (Marqaz). Our finding shows the mosque is not in Mumbai but from Moti Nagar, Sagar of MP.

We have highlighted some structures that match with the viral image with a green circle and a red square.

We also found an article published on Dainik Bhaskar in April month, the picture in the article used is of the same mosque ‘Jama Masjid, Katra’. The three domes in the below photo also matches with the viral photos of the mosque.

Conclusion: The mosque photo used to target Maharashtra govt and Shiv Sena is found to be from Madhya Pradesh. So the claims are found to be misleading and fake.


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True! Muslim students were made to sit outside for board exams in Indore, MP



Indore(MP): Class XII board exams were resumed on 9th June in Madhya Pradesh. A Bengali school located at Naulakha in Indore which was a center for the Class XII examination made headlines for discriminating against the students attending the examination on religious grounds.  National Herald, Mumbai Mirror, and many news agencies have reported this incident.

Class XII examinations in Madhya Pradesh, initially started on 2nd March was expected to be completed by 31st March. But due to the COVID-19 Lockdowns, the exams were deferred. As Unlock-1 relaxation started on 8th June, the board resumed the exams from 9th June.

Dainik Dopahar, a daily newspaper published an article, dated 10th June with a heading “मुस्लिम छात्रों को परीक्षा में स्कूल से बाहर बैठाया “, (Muslim students asked to sit outside the school during the exam).

A news portal by name published an article on 10th June with heading “Indore: Muslim Students Taking Class 12 Exams Made to Sit Outside in Heat”.

FactO Check:

We have received requests from a lot of users to verify this news. We spoke to Dr. Aminul Khan Suri, the first to raise this matter to the school and district administration.  A Congress MLA, Arif Masood has also written to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan expressing concern over the matter.

We spoke to Dr. Aminul Khan Suri and here is what he said, “Exams were started from 9th June and no students were seated separately. This started on 10th June on a Bengali school which was a center for 3 schools- Sita Devi, Asian, and Islamia Karimiya School(IK). The IK school girls were made to sit separately on 10th June. When asked about discrimination, the administration informed that SDM notified the Bengali school on 9th June that according to guidelines students from containment zone should be seated separately. On the Next day, Bengali School took the decision of making Islamiya karimiya School’s students sit separately for the exam. The school didn’t give these students any separate rooms and 47 girls from Islamiya karimiya School, who were appearing for the exam on the 10th were made to seat in a shed outside of the classroom in the summer heat”.

Circular passed for all Examination center:

The order says,  “This letter is in regards to the higher Secondary exam held in the district, we request you to kindly do not make students sit in the corridor, stage or sheds for their exams. This needs to be followed strictly. Orders by the collector of the district, Indore”.

FactO Editorial Opinion:

Generalizing students of Islamia Karimiya School, which has all Muslim students was not a good idea, the administration should’ve checked the addresses of students from the containment zone and asked them to sit in a separate room, but not in a shed.  A student from Asian and Sita Devi school could’ve also been from containment zone, but they were not checked and all students from Islamia school were asked to sit separately in a shed. Students should not feel discriminated because of their faith. We appreciate the decision of District Education officer, issuing orders to all exam centers to not make students sit in sheds or corridors.

Conclusion: This is true. Students were asked to sit outside the classroom just because of their Muslim identity. This shouldn’t have happened.

ClaimReview: Muslim students asked to sit outside the school during the exam

Claim By : Dopahar Samachar

Facto Check by Facto news: TRUE

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Video from Bangladesh is viral as RSS men insulting an old man in India



India: There is a video viral across social media with a claim that RSS members have insulted an elderly man in India. In the video, it can be seen some young lads are insulting an elderly man, pulling his clothes, and having an aggressive argument. This tweet has more than 25k views on twitter.

The viral tweets read as: (Archive)

So this is going to be new normal in Indian society! is only working on hatred!
More than a dozen insulting Old man of their’ father’s age!
So #IndiaThatIsBharat #RIPHumanity #RevokeNSADrKafeel #SabYaadRakhaJaega 

It was also claimed that RSS insulting Muslims is new normal in India. An Old man was Insulted by dozen of RSS members.

FactO Check

We took some screenshot of the video and did a reverse image search using Google image search. In the Google image search, we found a YouTube link of the same video, this video was posted by “” on YouTube dated 2nd June 2020.  This Video has caption “বৃদ্ধকে বিবস্ত্র করে পেটালেন যুবলীগ নেতা “, translated to, “The old man was stripped naked and beaten by the Juba League leader “

When we did a keyword search using “Juba League leader”, we found an article from somoynews link. The article was in Bangla, and translated to English

According to Article, this Incident is of  24th May 2020 but on Tuesday (June 2), the matter came to the notice of everyone after it went viral on social media. The incident took place on May 24 at Chayakuritikka Para in Ward 4 of Dhemushia Union in Chakaria Upazila of Cox’s Bazar. Media outlets reported that the victim is 72-year-old Mohammed Nurul Alam and the accused is one Ansoor Alam, president of the local wing of the Jubo league. Both are residents of Cox Bazar’s Chokriya upazilla and Ansoor Alam attacked Nurul Alam on May 24, when he was returning from shopping. Complaint filed by Alam’s son Ashraf Hossain, “My father was returning from Dhemushia station after shopping. Ansoor Alam and his men pulled down my father and took him to a deserted area. They tore his clothes, hit him, and also abused him. A few youngsters filmed the entire event. When my father cried for help, my brother Salauddin went to the area with locals and rescued him and rushed him to the doctor,”

This Incident happened in Bangladesh and not in India. Also its a scuffle between locals residing in Cox’s Bazar, which is a town on the southeast coast of Bangladesh. It was clear that this incident doesn’t involve any RSS members and the video doesn’t even belong to India.

Conclusion: So, the claim made in viral video, that Elderly Muslim Man was harassed and insulted by RSS in India is misleading and false. The Incident took place in Bangladesh and has no communal angle in it.

ClaimReview: RSS men insulting Elderly Muslim Man in India

Claim By: Aman Khan ( @1amankhan1)

Fact Check by Facto News: FALSE

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