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Did Rajasthan govt ask for payment before refueling UPSRTC buses as claimed by Sambit Patra?



Rajasthan: Ever since Priyanka Gandhi Vadra offered 1000 buses to UP government to ferry stranded Migrant workers at the Delhi-UP border, things have started to get ugly between the UP govt. and the UP Congress. Both parties have been trading jibes at each other. BJP’s official spokesperson Dr. Sambit Patra’s in his recent tweet claimed that “While returning the students of Uttar Pradesh from Kota, some buses of UP required diesel. Priyanka Vadra’s Rajasthan government took Rs 19 lakh from UP government by opening the office at midnight. They didn’t allow buses to leave until their payment for diesel was cleared”. In this article we are going to check two claims regarding the same matter.

Claim 1: Sambit claims that Rajasthan govt asked UP govt. to clear the dues at midnight for refueling UP buses carrying students from Kota. (Archive link)

Claim 2: (22nd may) U.P. Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma said, we requested the Rajasthan government for 94 buses in April. The Rajasthan government agreed to it but asked for a payment for it along with a written appeal for the buses.

Facto Check:  Claim 1

UP government has sent 300+ buses to bring back 8000-1000 students from Kota on 17th-18th April. Upon arrival buses needed refueling to return back and they have asked help from Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) for the same.

We found the letter dated 18th April by Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) with Details of Diesel filled to UP buses by RSRTC on 17th-18th April. The letter explains in detail of refueling of UP buses by RSRTC, and asked for bank details and amount to make the payment for the same.

150 buses got 120-liter diesel per each bus – Rs 12,78,000

100 buses got 60 liters diesel per each bus – Rs 42,6000

50 buses got 120-liter diesel per each bus  – Rs 4,26,000

20 Buses got 120-Liter diesel per each bus – Rs 1,70,400

Total approx. 19,17000 at the rate of 71/ltr, where the check amount is 19,67,286 in the tweet shared by Sambit Patra.


Conclusion claim 1: On 18th April UPSRTC in a letter to  RSRTC they asked to provide bank details and charges for refuel done on 17-18th April. Whereas we can see the 19 lakh rupees check shared by Dr Sambit Patra has a date of  5th May 2020. So the claim of Rajasthan govt asked to open the UP govt office at midnight and make the payment before refueling is found to be false

FactO Check: Claim 2 

According to an article published on 22nd May by The Hindu, ‘U.P. Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma said the State government had sent 560 buses to Rajasthan to bring back students in Kota in April. The govt. was expecting 8000 to 10000 students, but upon arrival, there were 12000 students and then we have asked for help from Rajasthan govt for 94 more buses in April. According to the letter below dated to 18th April we can see UP Privahan Nigam asked for details of 75 buses and also asked if possible to provide charges/invoice to proceed with payment.

“यदि आवश्यक हो, तो राज्य परिवहन द्वारा उपलब्ध कराइ गई बसों के ब्यो का विवरण और सत्यापित विजक उत्तर प्रदेश सदर परिवहन निगण द्वारा भुगतान हेतु प्रेषित करने का कास्ट करे” Roughly tranlated (In case its required, then please provide buses details and approved invoice to proceed with payment)

According to the below letter dated 27th April from UPSRTC , we can see that UPSRTC is again asking for bank details to make the payment for buses provided by RSRTC during emergency help to carry stranded students from Kota to different cities of UP. UP govt request

Once after receiving this letter, RSRTC responded to it on 8th May 2020 with bank details.

UP govt

We can see it was UPSRTC  who promised to pay as per approved terrific for buses and asked for an invoice and bank details in a letter written on 18th April to RSRTC. They wrote another letter on 27th April requesting bank details for RTGS along with Invoice for those buses. And we can see RSRTC responded to the letter on 8th May with the amount to be paid (Rs 36,36,664/-) and Bank details for RTGS. And as per PTI news the same was cleared on 22nd May 2020.

Conclusion Claim 2: So claim by UP Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma that Rajasthan govt is asking for payment for buses provided in April to transport stranded UP students from Kota is found to be false. It was UPSRTC  who promised to pay for buses as per approved tariff. 


No! Video of people dancing in quarantine center is not from Mumbai



Mumbai: Nitin Rane, son of Former Maharashtra CM Narayan Rane (BJP) has been in the center of discussion on social media. Nitin Rane has shared a video on Twitter claiming to be from Mumbai NSCI(National Sports Club of India). In this 29-second video clip, some people can be seen dancing and enjoying in quarantine center.

Nitin Rane’s Tweet reads as, NSCI badminton court!!! Who is keeping an eye on all this or Night life is still on ??”. The tweet has almost 59k views on twitter. (Archive)

FactO check:

Upon several requests we did a fact check of this claim and the video. We made a  keyword search with “people dancing in quarantine center” and found an article from

The article in reads as, “Being cooped up indoors, away from family and friends, while staying at a quarantine center can be quite stressful and monotonous for most people. In such testing times, it is music and dance which bring a little cheer and happiness and that’s what residents of a government quarantine center in Tripura’s Agartala did”.

A patient performing lungi dance told Zee News that people from different provinces of Tripura are undergoing treatment at the quarantine center. He said that even though conditions are not favorable outside, he did a little dance to pass his time and also added that he is happy at the quarantine centre.

We also found that official handle of Mumbai Municipality BMC has called out Nitish Rane for misguiding People.

Conclusion: So, Viral video is not from NSCI Mumbai, it is from Agartala, tripura. 

ClaimReview: People dancing and enjoying in quarantine center in NSCI  

ClaimBy: BJP leader, Nitin Rane

Fact Check by FactoNews: FALSE

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Morphed Video of Obama throwing away Trump’s gift is going viral



United States: America has seen a huge rise in protests under #BlackLivesMatter campaign following the killing of African-American, George Floyd, by police officers in Minneapolis on 25th May 2020. Many people across the world have raised their voices against the killing of  George Floyd. Following the incident, social media was flooded with posts and messages. A lot of users have been criticizing President Donald Trump and his for his provocative statements. Recently, a video is going viral with fake claims in context to the present situation in the USA.

Viral Claim: “Mr Trump took his wife to visit Mr Obama and gave gifts in an attempt to calm the anger of the black community. Obama took the gift, turned around, and threw it out [Grin] This is todays video.

A twitter user Aabid Mir Magami (@AabidMagami) wrote , “Mr Trump took his wife to visit Mr Obama and gave gifts in an attempt to calm the anger of the black community. ” Archive

Another tweet by Ravindra Akolkar, says “One video of Barack Hussein Obama, throwing away the gift of Mr President is viral. “Archive 

FactO Check:

Investigating the viral video, we split the video into frames and found it to be edited. In the 10 second video, the part where the gift box was thrown away has approximately 4 frames. We broke into 3 images and found that it is just a square that matches the color of the gift box.

We knew the video was during a state visit when Barack And Michelle Obama were welcoming Donald Trump on his inauguration. We did a keyword search to find the real video and found a video posted by TIME on Jan 20, 2017. At 1:01 of the video, an awkward moment happened between Michelle and Melania Trump after the gift exchange.  Michelle Obama talks about the whole incident in The Ellen Show. She explains to Ellen that it was an awkward moment for everyone there, as they generally do not exchange gifts during state visits. Watch at 00:45.

An article published by TIME in JAN 2018 also says that it was a state visit and there are security protocols to follow and everyone was cleared out. The gift was completely unexpected and Michelle was not sure of where to keep the gift. In the below video at 7:23, we can see Obama taking the gift and going inside and returns for the photo ops.

Conclusion: The viral video is found to be edited. It is not related to ongoing #BlackLivesMatter protests.

Claim Review: Mr Trump took his wife to visit Mr Obama and gave gifts in an attempt to calm the anger of the black community. Obama took the gift, turned around and threw it out [Grin] This is todays video.

Claim By: Aabid Mir Magami @AabidMagami

Fact Check by Facto News: FALSE

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A fake TIME cover of Donald Trump as Hitler’s mustache goes viral



United States: Ever since the death of  George Floyd, social media was flooded with messages condemning the incident.  George Floyd died after Derek Chauvin, a police officer, pinned him to the ground and pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck. Thousands have been protesting in the USA against racism and police brutality following the death of Floyd. Several cities were on curfew after reports of violence and looting in some places. Amidst this chaos, a viral image of an alleged TIME magazine cover featuring Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump with a caption “RACISM THE GREATEST VIRUS” is going viral. Many users have shared this image believing it to be true.

Twitter user Marcos Pereda (@MarcosPereda2) tweeted this edited cover which got over 10K RT and 33K likes (Archive), the tweet translated from Spanish to English says, “What a (painful) wonder”.

Tamal Bandyopadhyay, a famous business journalist and author shared this image in his Twitter account @TamalBandyo with a caption, “What a cover! @TIME”

Archived link

We also found the cartoonist Luc Descheemaeker himself sharing the edited cover (Archive).

FactO Check

The image has a signature of the artist on the bottom right. The signature says “OSE KOER”, the pen name of a Belgian cartoonist, Luc Descheemaeker.  We can found the original image posted on his blog at Cartoonist movement on 7th June 2017.

Trump as Hitler

Several versions of this image have been viral ever since the first publication. Here are some versions of the same image in his Facebook account .

The viral image of TIME magazine cover featuring Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler was never published by TIME. It was a recreation made by the original artist Luc Descheeemaeker. All the covers published by the TIME can be accessed in the  TIME Vault website.  Also please refer to the article by TIME, which gives details on how to spot a fake TIME cover.

ClaimReview: TIME magazine featuring Donald Trump as Hitler mustache

Claim By: Tamal Bandyopadhyay, Marcos Pereda, Javier Salas

Fact Check by Facto News: FALSE

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