Digitally altered image of Arvind Kejriwal is viral claiming women of Himachal Pradesh will get 1000 rupees per month

Written by Sahban

After Arvind Kejriwal promised 1000 rupees to Punjab women every month, a billboard of Arvind Kejriwal thanking people of Delhi in 2015 is digitally altered to read “अगर केंद्र सरकार हमें फंड दे तो हिमाचल की माताओ-बहनों को मिलेगा 1000 रुपये प्रतिमाह”, which roughly translates to, “If the central government gives us the fund, Mothers and sisters of Himachal will get 1000 rupees per month”

BJP spokesperson Nighat Abbass shared the image with a caption  which reads “सच्ची बात” which translates to “true words”. The tweet has about 10k likes at the time of writing this article.

Archive  | Twitter

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

A Twitter user @Spoof_Junkey shared the image with a caption “Kejriwal’s manifesto for Himachal Pradesh.”

Archive | Twitter

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

For more claim click here.

FactO check:

A reverse image search of the image directed us to an article by NDTV  dated  February 14, 2015 with a title “Arvind Kejriwal’s New Look in Thank You Message: Muffler Out, Jacket In”

(Source: NDTV)

Similar news with same image was also reported by INDIA TODAY.

A comparision of the viral and orignal image can be seen below.


We also did a keyword search on the above claim and found no matching results.


The image is digitally altered to to claim that Arvind Kejriwal will pay 1000 rupees to womens of Himachal Pradesh.

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