Doctored clip shared as News24 reported the staged video on Ukraine crisis to defame PM Modi

Written by Md Mahfooz Alam

A clip is being circulated on social media platforms with the claim of Hindi news channel News 24 doing a staged reporting to defame Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The clip carries the visual of a large number of body bags and a voice alleged to be of the reporter can be heard speaking about the evacuation problem faced by the Indian students in Ukraine.

Facto News found out that the clip has no relation with the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the voice heard in the video is digitally inserted to mislead.

On Facebook the video is being circulated along with the caption that reads: कांग्रेस के नेता और सोनिया राहुल के किचन केबिनेट के सदस्य “राजू शुक्ला” का चैनल News24 भारत और मोदी को बदनाम करने के लिए नीचता की हद तक चला गया एक लड़के को स्टूडियो में ही खड़ा करके उसे यूक्रेन का दिखाया गया पीछे बहुत से लोगों को लाइन से सुला कर उनके ऊपर चादर इस तरह से ढक दिया गया ताकि लोगों को यह देखें कि पीछे सैकड़ों लाशें पड़ी है और उन लाशों के बीच में भारतीय छात्र मदद की गुहार लगा रहे हैं लेकिन एक व्यक्ति को कुछ खुजली या कुछ प्रॉब्लम हुई कि वह चादर हटा दिया और फिर नीचता की पोल खुल गई मैं फिर से कह रहा हूं भारतीय मीडिया से ज्यादा नीच इस धरती पर कोई मीडिया नहीं होगी ये हमेशा हर समय मोदी सरकार को बदनाम करने का प्रोपगंडा करते हैं।

(Translation: “The channel News 24 of Mr. Pappu Pager’s dear Raju Shukla is showing…how pathetic is the condition of Indian students in Ukraine!! The dead bodies are lying covered behind!! But then unfortunately a dead person started itching!! He removed his covered sheet in this affair!! Due to this mistake his red cap was also visible!! But what does it mean? Hey the dead can’t itch? Modiji resign!! I got this video from a WhatsApp group!! Thought I’d let you know about it too!! “)

(Source: Facebook/Screenshot)

The video is also in circulation on Twitter along with the same claim.

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

FactO Check: 

While searching the video on Twitter, we came across a Twitter user who posted the viral clip making the same claim; however, the voice of the reporter in this clip is not in Hindi and the reporter is named, Marvin Bergauer of OE24.TV.

The text in German at the bottom reads, “WIEN: DEMO GEGEN KLIMAPOLITIK”. Using Google we translated the text in English, which reads: “VIENNA: DEMO AGAINST CLIMATE POLICY”.

Taking the cue, we searched the original video using the relevant text and found it to be of 2:08 minutes published by OE24.TV on 4 February 2022 on YouTube. The date of publication predates the Ukraine-Russia war and the video is related to a protest on climate policy that happened in Vienna, Germany.


Therefore, it is evident from the above findings that the video reportage doesn’t belong to the Indian channel NEWS24 of India.

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