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FactO News was started a year ago with a clear goal of fighting misinformation and disinformation. There are several organizations fighting for the same. FactO News aims to build a user-friendly platform that will host all these organizations under one roof, i.e., an ultimate guide to verify any claim on the Internet.

FactO News initially started off as a Facebook page doing quick fact checks. With users growing rapidly, in very little time we had converted into a fully functioning fact-checking website. We published our first Fact Check Article on 6th May 2020. We had been ahead of other fact-checking websites in fact-checking and publishing reports on several occasions.

For the first year, with a small team of three individuals, we debunked 300+ fake news and wrote around 200 fact-check stories. Now, we would like to bring our Mobile into the service, where users will be able to request fact-checking and track their requests. We are growing, and we need more resources and employees to serve you in a better way.

#YourFactO | We bring the Facts that matter to the people most with a complete blend of proximity, timeliness, relevance, accuracy, and context, if you love what we do you can pour some love and make us feel stronger. We are independently committed to your excellence with full accountability and transparency. To Pay to Facto News, you can click on the button below and make a donation of your choice.

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May 2020 – Booked Domain and Started with 3 volunteer freelance writers.

Dec 2020 – Registered FACTO as a trademark under Trade Marks Act, 1999 with IP India.

Mar 2021 – Outsourced Development of Facto App to a Bengaluru-based IT farm.

May 2021 – Working with CA to get registration and paperwork done.

June 2021 – Applied for registration of FACTO Digital Media (OPC) Private Limited

July 2021 – FACTO Digital Media (OPC) Private Limited Registered.

Aug 2021 – Applied for IFCN signatory.

Jul 2022 – FactO App android Beta version published on play store.

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