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Edited photo of IndiaTV news-ticker is viral with false claims targeting PM Modi

Written by Hritik Mishra

A news-ticker from IndiaTV, broadcasting PM Modi’s speech is going viral on social media with misleading claims. The alleged news-ticker in Hindi reads as, “I used to bring ‘Lassi’ from ‘Jaat’ people’s houses and I lived for 20 years in the Jaat lands”.

A famous standup comedian and satirist, Rajeev Nigam, recently posted the same screenshot on his Twitter handle with a caption that reads; अब इसके बाद और क्या सुनना बांकी रह गया.. Pls लस्सी का क़र्ज़ अदा करिये (Translation – Now what is left to hear after this, please pay the due of Lassi) Archive| Tweet

Source: Twitter/Screenshot

Avinash Das, Indian film writer and director also joined the queue and tweeted the same photo of PM Modi with the caption; तब भी जाटों को किसान आंदोलन के दौरान सड़कों पर मरने के लिए छोड़ दिया? चुनाव आया, तो लस्सी याद आ गयी? भाई जी, अभी छट्ठी का दूध भी याद आएगा! (Translation – Even then Jats were left to die on the streets during the farmer’s protest? When the election came, you remembered Lassi? Brother, now you will remember the milk of Chhath too, an idiomatic expression for being in a terrible predicament) Archive| Tweet

Source: Twitter/Screenshot

More claims can be viewed here

The screenshot is viral on Facebook as well with the same claims. Click here to view more Facebook claims.

Source: Facebook/Screenshot

FactO check – We reverse searched the image using Tineye, an image verification tool, which directed us to the 22-minute long full speech video of PM Modi which he addressed during his recent visit to the NCC cadet corps rally at Cariappa Ground in New Delhi. In the video, he can be seen wearing the same green turban with black shades as the one in the viral screenshot.

We skipped the video and paused it at 2:43-second and then tried to match the paused video screen with the viral screenshot and noted that the text that was appearing on the YouTube video screen was different from the one which can be seen in the viral screenshot. We found that the viral screenshot is taken from the same video available on the official YouTube channel of IndiaTV News, which has been later edited.

In the following images, we can see how the texts on both images are completely different. In the viral screenshot appeared text reads as; मैं जाटों के घर से लस्सी मांग कर लता था। मैं 20 वर्ष जाटलैंड में रहा हूं (Translation – I used to bring ‘Lassi’ from ‘Jaat’ people’s houses, and I lived for 20 years in the Jaat lands), whereas the original text visible on the YouTube video reads as; युवा देश के उत्सव में अलग ही उत्साह दिखता है, and NCC कैडेट्स को प्रधानमंत्री मोदी का संबोधन (Translation – There is a different enthusiasm in the festival of the young country. PM Modi’s address to NCC cadets)

Conclusion – It can be concluded that the viral screenshot has been edited and shared with false and misleading claims.

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