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Fact Check: Debunked Fake News About Rahul Gandhi’s Secret Marriage Revived

Written by Vamc Vadranam

A photograph of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi with a woman is going viral across social media with a claim that Rahul Gandhi is secretly married to a woman from Colombia and they have two children. Serial fake news peddler and one of the founders of Fake News Propaganda machine ‘Postcard’, Mahesh Vikram Hegde tweeted a picture of Rahul Gandhi on January 8, 2021 from his account, ‘@mvmeet‘  and claimed “My sources reveal that Rahul Gandhi is married to this lady! They both have a son named Niyak & daughter Mainak! Now very soon the PIDIs will chant “Hamare agle nayak Niyak Gandhi hoga”. The viral tweet has garnered over 700 retweets and 1.5k likes.

Another twitter user @iVikasAgarwal also shared a collage and attributed the fake claim to Wikileaks. The tweet says, “According to Wikileaks, the lady in the below pictures is @RahulGandhi‘s wife then why @INCIndia is misguiding the nation by saying him, bachelor? Raga married a Colombian and they even have 2 children. 1- a14-year-old son Niyak 2- 10-year-old daughter Mainak”. The tweet has garnered over 2.7k retweets and 6.5k likes.

FactO Check:

A simple reverse image search of the viral image has directed us to Nathalia Ramos’s official Twitter and Instagram profile where she shared the picture of her with Rahul Gandhi. Nathalia Ramos is a Spanish-American actress. Ramos shared the picture on September 2017 in an Instagram post (check here) when the two met at an event at the Berggruen Institute in Los Angeles, USA. She said in her post, “Last night with the eloquent and insightful @rahulgandhi. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to meet and listen to so many brilliant thinkers from all parts and perspectives of the world. It is only with an open mind and an open heart that we can really make the world a better place. Thank you @berggrueninst for opening mine. #IdeasMatter“.
Ramos has also tweeted the picture from her official Twitter handle with a caption, “Last night with the eloquent and insightful Rahul Gandhi…..”

Conclusion: The same photo was also viral in 2017 and 2019, Fact-Checking websites Free Press Journal and BoomLive have debunked this claim then. The same claim is now being shared across social media. Wikileaks has never mentioned anything about Rahul Gandhi’s secret marriage and his children in any of their posts. So the viral claim is FAKE.

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