Fact Check: Image of liquor bottles from Thailand is linked to Telangana and Bihar polls

Written by Vamc Vadranam

Bihar completed its first phase of elections on October 28 with the rest of the two phases scheduled on November 3 & 7 respectively. With the sudden demise of MLA Ramalinga Reddy, the Dubbaka assembly constituency of Telangana is scheduled to have its bypoll on November 3. With both states preparing for the elections, there has been a lot of misinformation linked to the upcoming polls. An image of several liquor bottles in polythene bags (plastic bags) is viral with different claims. While some of the social media users share the viral image and claim that the BJP-JD(U) alliance is distributing alcohol in Bihar, the same image is shared by social media users from Telangana, claiming it to be from Dubbaka, Telangana.

Teenmar Mallanna, a journalist famous for his witty and humorous criticism has shared the viral image from his Twitter account @TeenmarMallanna by tagging the DGP and Governor of Telangana. The image was shared with a caption that reads as, “The free vaccine promised in Telangana is ready for distribution in Dubbaka”.

The same image is shared by another Twitter user @NikkuYadavJi with a caption that read as, “In Bihar, this is another poll preparation by the BJP and JD(U). Remember people, this is both poison and devastation, and so you must stay away from it.”

Please find more claims posted in Facebook here, here and here.

FactO Check:

A simple reverse image search of the viral image has directed us to several articles from Thai websites. According to an article- “Jonny makes a sack of the jukebox. Real deal to everyone’s hand”, published in Thaihitz, due to severe floods in Thailand in 2019, Ubon of Ratchathani Province was one of the worst affected. A local guy named Jonny has started distributing liquor kits to the flood-affected areas.

Conclusion: It is evident that the viral image shared by many social media users is from Thailand but not from Bihar or Telangana. The above claims are found to be misleading and false.


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