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Fact Check: Images from a Bangladeshi short film falsely being shared as from a Madrasa

A collage of images where a Muslim man wearing a skullcap behaving inappropriately with a girl is viral across social media with a claim that Maulvi Sahab is abusing a student in a Madrasa. Last week there was a similar claim that went viral, where a Bangladesh teacher sexually harassing a student is viral as from Indian Madrasa. Please find it here.

This time, a similar claim is viral targeting Madrasa. A Twitter user @bhagwa_surajTPN has posted a screenshot from the video with a caption questioning the dignity of Indian Madarsa. The caption reads as, “मदरसे में मौलवी साहब सलमा को कलमा पढ़ाते हुए बंद करो ये मदरसे जो अश्लीलता वेश्यावृत्ति के अड्डे बन गये हैं ( Maulvi sahib Salma teaching Kalma to Salma in madrasas, these madrasas which have become the bases of obscenity prostitution)”.

The claim is viral across Facebook as well. A user Shatrughan Kumar has posted the photo in a Group called Hindu Rashtra Hindustan.

FactO Check:

A reverse image search of the viral photo took us to multiple YouTube videos. After going through multiple videos, we have identified that the viral photos were actually taken from a Bangladeshi Short film (Watch here). The short film is about sexual exploitation and sexual offenses and was published on YouTube, a year ago. We also found a video posted by BD Teach News channel which has the same images. The Channel with over 1 Million subscribers calls out the actor for having a beard and wearing a skull cap and acting in obscene films, just for views and money.

Conclusion: It is evident that the images used in the viral claims are from a short film and not a Madrasa. The above claims are fake, misleading, and Islamophobic.



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