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Fact Check: It was the Chinese govt. who directed Apple to remove 4,500 apps from China App store

Written by Vamc Vadranam

India:  Following the ban of 59 Chinese mobile apps by Indian government from app store, several netizens have applauded the government’s decision. In the recent times, a message that claims,“Apple removes over 4,500 games from its China App store. Reportedly, this is one of the biggest cases of mass game removals on Apple’s App store ever.”  is going viral across social media. An Instagram page RVCJ Media(@rvcjinsta) has shared this in a post with the same claim adding, “China is now suffering the fruits of their misdeeds”. The post garnered over 2,36,659 likes so far. Archived here


Postcard English”  has also shared the same message in its Facebook page. The post also claimed that the every major country is against China and it deserves this  for trying to destroy the world. Archived here


Many users across social media have started sharing this misleading message with the same claim. The message is also viral in WhatsApp.

FactO Check:

While it is true that Apple had removed 4500 games from its China App Store in 2 days, but it is not due to any of those reasons claimed by the above social media posts. According to “Business Insider“, the decision was taken by Apple due to pressure from the Chinese government. The Chinese government has introduced new regulations which require game developers to gain approval from the government before launching their applications in the App store. Following the decision, Apple has removed 1571 apps on July 1, 1805, on July 2, and 1276 apps on July 2.

Todd Kuhns, a marketing manager at AppInChina responding to the latest actions has said that, “Sadly, because China only approves about 1,500 game license and the process itself takes six to 12 months, most of these apps will be waiting a long time before they are allowed back on the store”.

Conclusion: The claim is misleading and false. It is evident that the apps were removed upon the Chinese government’s decision. Apple was only following the Chinese government’s directions. The decision has nothing to do with any recent incidents between China and other countries.

ClaimReview: Apple removes over 4500 games in 2 day from China’s app store

Claim By : RVCJ, Post Card English

Fact Check By Facto News: FALSE

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