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Fact Check: Photo of Russian army passed off as Indian army at Siachen

Written by Khalid Sameer

An image of an advanced military vehicle is doing rounds on social media with a claim that, “For Siachen Himachal related areas Modi government has gifted special dedicated vehicle for defense-related work to avoid the high numbers of mortalities which had happened in Congress regime ”

The viral claim reads as, “This is dedicated to the people who choose Modi in and say what is the benefit of the country. Special vehicle for defence work in Siachen Himachal areas, many incidents of soldiers died during Congress period. To avoid this, Modi’s government has provided such a vehicle.. At least now you know why this country needs Modi..?? “(Archive)

Photo: Facebook/Screenshot

FactO Check:

Upon performing a reverse image search on Google, the result led us to an article “Russia testing Arctic version of Chaborz M-3 multipurpose buggy” published on May 28, 2018. The snow mobile used in the picture is a Charborz M-3 multipurpose buggy which is a lightweight off-road vehicle 4×2 designed for operation by special forces units in off-road conditions

The vehicle was developed by the F-Motorsport engineering company with the assistance of the International Training Center for Special Forces in Gudermes.

We also found another image of the buggy in a tweet that dates back to May 27, 2018. The tweet reads as, “Soldiers of SOBR “Terek” of the State Directorate of the Russian Guard for the Chechen Republic on the Arctic modification of the “Chaborz M-3” buggy during a training session on special tactical training on one of the islands of the Franz Josef Land archipelago“.

: The viral image is from the Arctic region and has nothing to do with Siachen and the Indian army. Based on the information from various sources, it is evident that the vehicle and the army-men in the above viral image belong to Russian and they were testing buggy in the Arctic region. The above viral claim is completely fake and misleading.

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