Fact Check: Pictures of a Mexican Boeing 787 is viral as of Indian govt.’s custom made VVIP plane

Written by Abdul M

New Delhi: Govt. of India bought two custom-made Boeing B777 airplanes, which will be used by VVIPs like the President, Vice President, and Prime Minister of India. The Aircraft landed at Delhi airport on Thursday. Many social media users including opposition parties and their leaders started sharing an interior photo of a luxurious plan claiming it to be of recently purchased VVIP plane for PM.

Rashtriya Janta Dal, Bihar has shared this photo with the caption, “एक गाँधी जी थे जिन्होंने अपना शरीर कभी पूरा नहीं ढका क्योंकि भारत की आधी से अधिक आबादी के तन पर कपड़े नहीं थे!” (There was a Gandhi who never wore the full dress as most of the Indian population was poor.)


Pankhuri Pathak, Vice-Chairperson Social Media UPPCC. Media Panelist INC has shared the same photo with the caption “8600 करोड़ की लागत से तैयार हुआ फकीर का उड़ता झोपड़ा ।” (The fakeer got a hat of 8600 crores.), PM Modi one called himself Fakeer aadmi in 2016.  (Archive)

Sayer Imran, a Poet and Moradabad Congress candidate in 2019 Lok sabha election has also shared this photo.

There are many other users who posted the same photo on social media. UP Congress party General Secretary Shri Rakesh Sachan, Madhya Pradesh Congress MLA Jitu Parihar, Pankaj Punia of Congress, Social Media Influencer, and parody account @Roflgandhi are some.

FactO Check:

With a simple reverse image search, we found hundreds of results, and articles. According to the article “The 787 Dream Jet: The most luxurious aircraft in the sky” published by a Polish website mrLuxury , that has multiple pictures of the interior of the aircraft, proves that the viral photo is not of the Boeing B777 VVIP airplane of Govt. of India.

We also found the same photo on, A video posted by Sunshine network .We can see the interior of the Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner. At 1:38 mark of the video, the exact interior setting can be seen which is viral with the wrong claim.

Conclusion: India bought a custom-made Boeing B777 for VVIPs travel. But the viral picture in the claims is of Boeing B787 Dreamliner.

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