Fact Check: Truth behind viral video of Ayodhya priest throwing away ‘Laddus’ on the street

Written by Hritik Mishra

A 29-second clip of a man throwing away the trays of ‘Laddus’ on the streets is being shared online with a claim that the priest started throwing the sweets in anger because devotees were offering ‘Laddus’ instead of money.

A Facebook user, Abhishek Prem, posted the clip with the caption that reads, “लोग मंदिर मे रूपियो के जगह लड्डू चढ़ा रहे थे इससे नाराज होकर पंडित दुकान का लड्डू फेकने लग गया” (Translation – People were offering ‘Laddus’ instead of money. Angered by this, priests started throwing ‘Laddus’ of shops)

Another Facebook account named, वैश्य समाज जनक्रांति, also posted the viral video with the same claim which has been viewed 4k times.

Source: Facebook/Screenshot

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It is also viral on Twitter. A Twitter user, @SanjayR58755747, posted the viral clip with the caption, “करोना काल में अयोध्या मंदिर के हनुमानगढ़ी के आसपास के दुकानों की लड्डुओं को ब्राह्मणों ने रास्ते पर फेंका और आदेश दिया लड्डू चढ़ाना बंद कैश चढ़ाओ”(Translation – During the corona period, Brahmins threw the laddus of shops on the streets around Hanumangarhi of Ayodhya temple and ordered to stop offering Laddus and offer cash) Archive

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FactO check:

Using the relevant keywords search we found a video available on a YouTube channel, India Ahead News, with the caption, “Priests throw Laddus being sold at shops outside temple alleging they are stale Laddus”, and reported that incident occurred near Hanumangarhi temple in Ayodhya.

Multiple mainstream media outlets have also reported that the priests accused the shopkeepers of selling the bad quality sweets. The priests had thrown the Laddus on the streets which resulted in a quarrel between priests and the shopkeepers. Shop owners have now closed shops in Ayodhya and demanded action against the priests.


Therefore, the viral claim that priests threw away laddus because people were offering ‘Laddus’ instead of money is false.


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