Fact Check: Viral video of MiG aircraft landing on a dam is from a simulation video game

Written by Sahban

A 1:50 minute video clip of an aircraft is being shared by many social media users claiming that it is an ‘MiG Aircraft’ landing on a dam. MiG belongs to a family of military aircrafts  designed and produced by a Russian defence company. Indian Air Force got its first MiG-21 in 1963, and progressively inducted a number of MiG-21 and MiG-29 aircrafts over the years. There were questions over the safety of these Soviet-era MiG-21 aircrafts followed by three crashes in 2021 alone, which resulted in the death of two pilots. 

A Twitter user sanjive sethi 🇮🇳 (@sas96553801) shared the viral video with a caption that reads “Watch what a Mig Aircraft can do. Landing on a Dam.” Click here for the archive.  

Source: Twitter/Screenshot

Another Twitter user Dr Shakti S Chauhan  (@shaktichauhan) shared the same video tagging Harsh Goenka (@hvgoenka) with a caption that reads “Beautiful landing by a #MIG aircraft on a dam  and even more stunning take off…” Click here for the archive. 

Harsh Goenka further quoted his tweet with a caption, “Incredible….” Click here for archive

Another Twitter user tweeted the YouTube link of the same video with a caption that reads “Takeoff is the incredible part. Such is the thrust to weight ratio. Modi ji hein to sab mumkin hai.” Click here for archive.  

FactO Check: 

Using relevant keyword search, we found a video on a YouTube channel, with the title “MiG 29 landing on the dam) DCS

DCS is abbreviated as “Digital Combat Simulator”. Digital Combat Simulator World is a Free-to-Play digital battlefield game that offers a simulation of military aircraft, tanks, and ships. The game has fighter planes and helicopters from WWII to the advanced modern-era military aircraft. The game has a highly detailed map of the Caucasus region that includes SouthWestern Russia and Georgia. 

The dam from the video is called Inguri Dam, located on the Inguri River in Western Georgia, near the point at which the river leaves the Caucasus mountains.

At 52 seconds in the video, one can notice carefully the drogue parachute disappears quickly and the aircraft takes off within the next few seconds from the dam.

Conclusion: The video is from a simulation game “Digital Combat Simulator World”. 


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