Fake screen grab of the New York Times goes viral as ‘AAP sets a world record of largest political gathering in Gujarat’

Written by Sahban

A mocked up screen grab of  The New York Times is doing rounds on social media with the claim that The New York Times praised Indian Political party Aam Aadmi Party(AAP).  The fake screenshot has a title “Aam Aadmi Party sets world record of gathering highest number of people in a political rally”, with a description, “Nearly 25 crores people attended Arvind Kejriwal’s rally in Gujrat after his Landslide win  in punjab Election”

Actor Manoj Joshi shared the image tagging The New York Times with a caption “Is it true @nytimes? Gujarat’s total population is around 6.5 crore.” The tweet is now deleted.

Archive version of the tweet can be found here.

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

A twitter user @lokihinhun shared the image with a caption “Hey @nytimes Population of Gujrat is 6-7crores. #KejriwalAgainstHindus Archive | Twitter

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

Another Twitter user @Lost_human19 shared the image with a caption “Hello @nytimes, Gujarat’s total population is 6.2 crores..”

Archive | Twitter

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

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Facto Check:
We tried a keyword search on various search engines and on The New York Times website with the title of the viral screenshot and couldn’t find any article by the The New York Times with such claim.
However, we found the reply of NYTimes Communications to Journalist Rana Ayyub’s tweet, who has quoted the viral screenshot. NYTimes Communications said that The screenshot in that tweet is a mocked up image. The New York Times did not write or publish that story.” It also provided the link to Articles on India. The reply can be seen below.

Source: The New York Times/Twitter

The viral screenshot of NY Times about AAP’s Gujarat rally is fake and misleading . The New York Times clarified the same.
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