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Image of hostages killed in US airstrikes in Afghanistan shared as attacks on the Hazaras by the Taliban

Written by Sahban

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, several unrelated old images/videos from different parts of the world and a plethora of misinformation has stormed the Internet. Many users have been sharing misinformation in context with the present situation in Afghanistan. Now, a image from 2016 being  shared as recent killing of Hazaras by the Taliban.

A Twitter account @Tally_Facts shared the image with a caption that reads “Taliban took out Hazara men from the buses on the highways and shot them dead in cold blood just because they were Hazaras! Shocking!” Archived |Twitter


Another Twitter user @adara_khan shared the image with a caption that reads “Taliban took out Hazara men from the buses on the highway’s and shoot them death in cold blood just because they were Hazaras.”Archived |Twitter


We found that the account is using a picture of Mehvish Mushtaq as his/her profile picture.

Another Twitter user @mostafakhan110 with a caption “‏در آن روز حدود ۱۹۰ مسافر از راه قندوز ربوده شدند همه آن‌ها آزاد شدند اما ۱۸ تن از آن‌ها برای اینکه هزاره بودند شکنجه و تیرباران شدند.‎#StopHazaraGenocide  ‎#مسافران_قندوز ” which translates “About 190 passengers were abducted on the way to Kunduz that day, all of whom were released, but 18 were tortured and shot because they were Hazaras.#StopHazaraGenocide# Travelers_QunduzArchived |Twitter


For more claims click here and here.

FactO check:

A reverse image search of the image directed us to a Persian news website with a title”کشته شدن 14 تن از گروگان ها در شمال افغانستان در حمله هوایی امریکا” which translates “14 hostages killed in US airstrikes in northern Afghanistan” dated 07-05-2016. 

(Source:Iran Dari Radio)

Taking cue from this we found a article published by The New York Times with a title U.S. Investigates Whether Airstrikes Killed Taliban Hostages dated 27-06-2016. However New York Times hasn’t used the image in their article.

(Source:New York Times)


Image from 2016 is being shared as recent  attacks on the Hazara men.

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