Image of posters propagating Anti-Hindu remarks from Uttar Pradesh falsely shared as from West Bengal

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An image is viral on social media in which posters with anti-Hindu remarks purportedly said by religious leaders of Muslims have gone viral on social media with a claim that the posters are from West Bengal.

A Twitter user, Rakesh Kumar Pandit shared the image with the caption that reads, “जूम करो और पढ़ लो मुल्लाओ के फरमान जो कि पश्चिम बंगाल के खुले ग्राउंड में लगे हुए हैं. जिस हिंदू की अभी तक आंख ना खुली हो शायद इन्हें पढ़कर खुल जाए. just info, not political.” (Which translates in English as, “Zoom it and read the decree of Muslims which are put in the open ground in West Bengal. Those Hindus whose eyes are not yet opened might read this and their eyes might open.”) The link to the post can be seen here and its archive can be seen here.

Source: Twitter/Screenshot

The post is also shared by a Facebook user, Ajay Thakur, the link of which can be seen here

Source: Facebook/Screenshot

Similar posts can be seen here, here and here.

FactO Check: 

One of the viral posts also shared the video of police getting the posters removed.

On breaking the video into multiple keyframes using InVid Tools and doing a reverse image search with one of the keyframes, we found a screenshot of the viral video was uploaded by Dainik Bhaskar with the title that read in Hindi as, “प्रतापगढ़ में साम्प्रदायिक सौहार्द बिगाड़ने का प्रयास::कुंडा में राजा भइया के स्कूल की दीवार पर भड़काऊ बैनर-पोस्टर लगाए; पुलिस ने हटवाए, अज्ञात के खिलाफ मुकदमा” (Which translates in English as, “To distrupt the communal harmony of Pratapgarh:: Banners and posters with provocative slogans were put on the walls of  Raja Bhaiya school in Kunda, Police got the posters removed , complaint against unknown registered”)

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

We also found that the Pratapgarh police also took to Twitter to inform about the incident. A video of a police officer was tweeted by Pratapgarh police in which the officer is heard saying that the incident is of Kunda town of Pratapgarh district in Uttar Pradesh, where some miscreants had put objectionable hoardings. Soon after the information was reached, action was taken by CO and Inspector of Kunda, and hoardings were removed. Police have also registered complaints against the people.


Conclusion: It is evident from the news reports and police statement that the incident is from Uttar Pradesh and has nothing to do with West Bengal.

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