Innovation @ FactO

Facto BOT: A BOT was developed on the Twitter platform to respond to Twitter users spreading fake videos/photos/claims with the same captions.

We have been struggling to reply to every Twitter user who share fake claims and it is a time talking process. We came up with the idea of FactO BOT to overcome this problem. All the replies by Facto Bot can be found with #FactoBOT. The purpose of this BOT is to reply to all users at once who have shared the same claim with fake posts.

How does it work?
The BOT was developed using Python. It takes two input parameters, a search query and then URL to the reply. The URL can be of any fact checker’s (IFCN Signatory), and not limited to only FactO News’ URLs. Find all BOT replies here.


FactO App: An app that will allow users to submit a claim for Fact Check and track the same. We are also working on an Admin panel that will host and allow other partners to check the claims and do a Fact check and reply to the requestors. We are currently working with a few IFCN signatories, getting them on board. A login/password will be provided to our partners to check all the fact check requests we receive in a day and they will reply back to the claims.

The App is still under development, We have planned to launch the App in August 2021.