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Kangana Ranaut falls for satire, thanks Facebook for ‘mark yourself safe from Shiv Sena’ feature and later clarifies.

Written by Abdul M

Mumbai: Kangana has been in the limelight since the day she joined Twitter officially. She was initially in the news demanding justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, but then eventually tables have turned, due to Kangana Ranaut’s remarks on comparing Mumbai to PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). The focus now has shifted to Maharashtra’s Shiv Sena govt. vs Kangana Ranaut. Yesterday, she quoted “The Fauxy” in a tweet (Archive) thanking Facebook for introducing “Mark Yourself Safe From Shivsena Goons”. The Fauxy published an article satirical portal after an attack on Retd Navy officer by Shiv Sena goons for sharing a cartoon (archive here)

Kangana’s tweet went so viral and received over 8K RTs. She Wrote “Thank you Facebook free speech must be protected in a democracy, people need to be protected from Sonia Sena goons much like COVID -19 virus, thank you for being considerate, well done (Clap Emoji)”

In her previous tweets, she misled many people by sharing a 10-year-old Aamir khan’s fake quote , again falsely claiming that Aamir Khan said he was scared of India.

FactO Check:

When we checked their twitter handle and website, we found a disclaimer that says, “The Fauxy is a Satire Web Portal. The content of this website is a work of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse the articles of The Fauxy as genuine and true.” We also found that many twitter users replied to the Kangana’s tweet and informed her the same. After multiple replies and clarifications by twitter users, the actress finally responded, but not to her tweet.

We found a tweet by Kangana responding to FJP India(Free Journal Press), where she has clarified that she was being sarcastic.

Conclusion: The social media users have a divided opinion on this. While many have trolled the actress, some believe that her tweet is intended for sarcasm. It would have been better, if Kangana has replied to her own tweet clarifying the issue.

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