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Morphed image of Congress supporters holding Mia Khalifa’s poster, celebrating her birthday is viral

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Indian farmers have been protesting against the three farm laws passed by Modi govt last year. After violence broke out during the Tractor rally on Republic day, Internet services were suspended in the areas where farmers were protesting. Global artist Rihanna, climate activist Greta Thunberg, former adult movie star Mia Khalifa and many other celebrities have expressed their grief over the situation and tweeted in support of Indian farmers’ protest. The Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement denouncing ‘international instigation’ to farmers’ protest with a hashtags #IndiaTogether and #IndiaAgainstPropaganda. And many bollywood celebrities and cricketers took to social media on Wednesday urging the country to stand ‘united’ as the ongoing farmers’ protest now has international attention.

However,  the intervention of these celebrities wasn’t quite received well by the right-wing community. They were mocked, criticized and slutshamed by right-wing trolls. On Feb 4, BJP leaders from United Hindu Front have burned posters of Rihanna, Greta Thunberg, Meena Harris and Mia Khalifa. The right wing trolls have started bombarding social media with a plethora of fake/misleading news about these celebrities. An  image of  Congress leaders with Mia Khalifa poster in their hands and cake with “Love you Mia” written on it is going viral across social media now.

Manoj Surendra along with many others tweeted (Archive) the edited photo claiming, “Rahul Gandhi ji’s Congress. And then they say EVMs are hacked.” (राहुल जी के कांग्रेसी ! फिर कहते हैं EVM हैक हो गई.). The viral tweet can be found here, here, here, here.

Serial fake news peddler and BJP sympathizer, Rishi Bagree also tweeted the photo but deleted it immediately after people told him the photo is edited.

FactO Check:

A quick reverse image search directed us to  a Getty image published on 19th June 2007, captioned “New Delhi, INDIA: Indian Youth Congress supporters cut a huge birthday cake during celebrations for the 37th birthday of Rahul Gandhi, leader of the youth wing of the Congress Party, in front of Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi’s residence in New Delhi, 19 June 2007. Indian Youth Congress supporters organised the birthday celebrations for Rahul Gandhi, Congress Party member of parliament (MP) and son of the Congress-led UPA government chairperson Sonia Gandhi. AFP PHOTO/RAVEENDRAN (Photo credit should read RAVEENDRAN/AFP via Getty Images)”. Find all photos from 37th birthday celebration of Rahul Gandhi in 2007 here.


It is evident that a picture from Rahul Gandhi’s 37th birthday celebrations is morphed with Mia Khalifa’s to establish fake connections of the latter with the Congress party. The right wing troll army are trying very hard to establish Khalistan and Pakistan connections to these celebrities and discredit them. FactO News has debunked a similar fake news, where Rihanna’s picture was morphed with a Pakistan flag in her hand.

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