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Morphed image of PM Modi taking photographs of the Cheetahs with camera lens closed is viral

Written by Sahban

Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the eight Cheetahs brought from Namibia in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park on Saturday and captured some photographs of the Cheetah. Criticizing the event, a section of social media has started sharing a picture of PM Modi taking photographs with camera lens closed.

Official account of Daman and Diu Congress Sevadal replied with the morphed image to PM narendra modi’s tweet with a caption that reads” बिना ‘लेंस कवर’ हटाए ही फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी… ऐसे कौन करता है बे!” which translates to Photography without removing the ‘lens cover’…
Who does like this!”Archive | Tweet

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

National Secretary of Rajasthan Youth Congress Ishita Sedha shared the image with a caption “लेंस कवर हटाए बिना कोई महामानव ही तस्वीर ले सकता है । ही इज सर्टेनली अ लेजेंड ।” which translates to Only a superhuman can take a picture without removing the lens cover. He is certainly a legend.”
Archive |Tweet

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

State Spokesperson Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress Aman Dubey shared the image with a caption “बिना “लेंस कवर” हटाए फ़ोटोग्राफी करने की अद्भुत कला… मैं तो क़ायल हो गया..” which translates to The amazing art of photography without taking off the “lens cover”…‼️”

Archive |Tweet

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

Congress party member Virendra Chaudhary shared the image with a caption “ऐसे (बंद कैमरे से) फोटो कौन खींचता है भाई ?” which translates to “Who takes such a photo (with a closed camera) brother?”ArchiveTweet<

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

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FactO Check:
With a quick reverse image search, we were directed towards a tweet by BJP Gujarat (Notice the 3rd image). The Tweet can be found here

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

The original picture has ‘Nikon’s logo on it without lens covered. On zooming the alleged picture, we observed that the logo ‘Nikon’ is  mirrored and the cap used to cover the lens has ‘Canon’ logo on it.

Also the “Nikon” image quality is low while “Canon” image quality is higher than “Nikon” which suggests that the image is morphed.

The image is morphed to show PM Narendra Modi capturing photos with lens of the camera covered.

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