Morphed photo of Sonu Sood appealing to vote for Tejashwi Yadav is going viral

Written by Abdul M

Bihar: Bihar has completed its first phase of elections on 28th OCT. The second phase and third phase are scheduled 3rd NOV 7th NOV respectively. Star campaigners of political parties are busy with multiple rallies every day. A lot of fake news and misinformation is being shared across social media to target and influence voters. Recently, a post claiming Sonu Sood supporting RJD CM candidate Tejashwi Yadav is being shared. The post reads as, “सोनू सूद ने कहा बिहार के विकास के लिए तेजस्वी जी को वोट दें।”(Sonu Sood asked to vote for Tejashvi for Development of Bihar). A Facebook page “I support Lalu Yadav” has posted this: (Archive)

FactO Check:

The viral photo is photoshopped so badly that any person can figure out that it’s fake, yet the post is shared by hundreds. A simple reverse image search has directed us to a video on YouTube where Sonu Sood is holding the real painting. Jamshedpur’s artist Arjun Das who handed over his painting to Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has also tweeted about it when he visited Mumbai to hand over the painting.

Sonu Sood has made an appeal on 28th October, when Bihar went for the first phase of the Assembly election. He asked voters to vote wisely.

Conclusion: A morphed photo is being shared to target and influence voters. The claim that Sonu Sood asked Bihari’s to vote for Tejashwi for the development is false and misleading.



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