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Morphed picture of Rubika Liyaquat is being shared with derogatory remarks

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A picture of woman doing Yoga is going viral across social media platforms with derogatory comments. Several social media users have shared the picture claiming it to be of Rubika Liyaquat, ABP news anchor and journalist.

The picture is widely shared across Twitter with the following text, ‘लियाकत भाईजान का अपना तरीका है आसन करने का….(Liaquat Bhaijaan has his own way of doing asanas) Find more claims here

The same picture is also viral on Facebook.

Image Source: Facebook

FactO Check: 

A simple reverse image search of the viral image has directed us to an Instagram post by Sonali Seygall, an actress and influencer. In this post, Sonali can be seen doing Yoga and telling everyone the importance of breathing and meditation, especially for stress and anxiety relief. Her post reads as;

This is your reminder to just breathe. Have anxiety? Breathe. Stressed? BreatheNervous?BreatheAngry? Breathe.
We often underestimate how much just coming back to our breath can do!
Not sure how to use your breath to your advantage? Here’s a beginners guide-
Sit in a comfortable position. Start taking deep breaths in n out (keep the exhalation longer), count them. Do it till you feel like or atleast till you are more relaxed than when you started. Happy Breathing.

Screenshot: Instagram

Conclusion: A picture of Sonali Seygall doing Yoga is morphed with news anchor Rubika Liyaquat’s face and shared with insensitive comments.

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