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Nepal’s Flag burnt by AIMIM(UP) leaders shared with misleading claims

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Uttar Pradesh: An image of a man burning a flag is going viral across social media with a claim that  AIMIM District President of Pratapgarh, Mohammad Salim Ansari, is insulting the pride of Sanathan Dharma by burning a saffron flag. The viral image has been shared by many users with similar claims.

A Facebook page, ‘Pushpendra Kushrestha Fans Club’  shared the image with a claim that Salim Ansari of AIMIM is openly burning a saffron flag. The post has been shared more than 2k times. (Archive)

A Twitter user, Sangam Mishra (@msangam977) has shared the same image threatening that there will be a big riot as a consequence if police don’t take action. Tagging @Uppolice @CMOfficeUP, the user claimed, “AIMIM District President of Pratapgarh, Mohammad Salim Ansari, who is openly insulting the pride of Sanatan Dharma by burning the saffron flag. Take action after taking cognizance of the case or else a big riot could be taken immediately”.

FactO Check:

The image is also viral on WhatsAPP groups. We have received a request on our Telegram channel to verify the news. Upon looking at the image, we have observed that there is an AIMIM banner in the background which has “Nepal मुर्दाबाद ” written on it. Upon closely observing, we saw that there were two different flags, one of them is an official Nepal flag and the other one had Nepal written on it, along with some other text.

We also found a tweet by Pratapgarh Police (@pratapgarhpol), the tweet says (Translated) “The flag displayed in the said case belongs to the country of Nepal. Nepal’s flag has been burnt by the members of AIMIM party Pratapgarh in protest against the Nepalese who claimed Indian territory as theirs, following the decision by the Parliament of Nepal country”

Pratapgarh Police have also shared another video of the AIMIM’s official, explaining the whole incident.

Conclusion: Pratapgarh Police have confirmed that the flag burnt by the members of AIMIM party in Pratapgarh is a Nepal flag. AIMIM officials have clarified the same and said they have no intentions in hurting religious sentiments and their protest was against Nepal.

ClaimReview: Uttar Pradesh’s AIMIM leaders burns Bhagwa flag to insult Hindu sentiments

Claim By: Facebook posts

Fact Check by Facto News: FALSE

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