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No, Amit Shah didn’t say 53Cr was deposited to 41cr people’s account

Written by Abdul M

New Delhi: Home Minister of India, Amit Shah yesterday(30th May) gave an interview to Anjana Om Kashyap of AajTak to discuss the government’s plan on Unlock 1. Since the interview, an image of a news ticker of AajTak channel that says “अमित शाह: 41 करोड़ लोगों के खतों में 53 करोड़ भेजे “(We deposited 53cr to 41cr people’s account: Amit Shah.) went viral and was shared by many users.

A Facebook page named Courageous India has posted this photo with the caption ” Rs 53 Crores deposited in the account of 41 Crores People…which means 41 Crores people received Rs 1 and 29 paise.” which got over 3.6K share and more than 2 thousand reactions.

This photo is also viral on twitter, find here.

Archived link here

Posted by Twitter users: (Archive)

FactO Check:

In this fact check, we are going to verify two claims. First one, if Amit Shah really said  that 53 crores rupees were deposited directly in to accounts of 41 crore people, and second one, if AajTak really run that news ticker.

After receiving multiple requests to validate the viral AajTak TV image, we have watched the hour long interview of Mr. Shah on the AajTak YouTube channel. At 16:36 we can clearly hear that Mr. Amit Shah was saying “जैसे मैं आपको बताऊ 41 करोड़ लोगों को हमने 53 हजार करोड़ सीधा उनके बैंक अकाउंट में ट्रांसफर किया ” (we have deposited 53 thousand crore rupees directly to the bank accounts of 41 crore people). You can also watch the short clip posted here.

When the claim in the viral picture is found to be false, we also searched for a video posted by AajTak to find out if the viral picture is actually taken from AajTak or a photoshopped image. We found a video posted on 31st of May 2020 on the AajTak Facebook page with the same ticker running at 1:10.

Please watch the video:

We do not confirm if the claim of ‘Depositing 53 thousand crore to 41 crore people’ made by Mr. Amit Shah is correct or not,  but the viral photo taken from AajTak news channel is found to be an editorial mistake that went viral on social media.

ClaimReview: Amit shah said we’ve deposited 53 Cr to 41Cr people’s bank account directly.

Claim By: AajTak, Courageous India Facebook page

Fact Check by Facto News: FALSE

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