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No, Anesthetics post Covid-19 vaccination can’t be life-threatening

Written by Khalid Sameer

As the Indian government accelerated the vaccination drive by simplifying the process and opening more vaccine centres, a plethora of misinformation about vaccination on social media is undermining the efforts of the government and creating a widespread panic among the public.

Now a new message about Covid vaccination is viral on social media with a claim,“Anyone who has been vaccinated against coronavirus is prohibited from taking any type of anesthetic, even local anesthetics or dentist’s anesthetics, because this poses a great danger to the life of the vaccinated person and is highly dangerous”

The message is also viral on WhatsApp and we have also received several requests on our WhatsApp helpline to verify this viral claim.

Source: WhatsApp

FactO check:

With a relevant keyword search, we have found a statement by “The Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists and College of Anaesthesiologists, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia, who refuted the viral message and called it completely misleading.

In an official press statement, they said “allowing such misstatements to propagate may impact many vulnerable individuals awaiting anesthesia for surgical procedures and their inclination for vaccination”.

Also on Wednesday, The Press Information Bureau, PIB Fact Check wing refuted this viral claim on Twitter by stating that there is no scientific evidence to prove anesthetics are life-threatening for people who had received COVID-19 vaccine.

The PIB Fact Check team said, “A post claiming that anesthetics can be life-threatening for #COVID19 vaccinated people is doing the rounds on social media #PIBFactCheck: this claim is #FAKE. There is NO scientific evidence till date to confirm the claim. Don’t fall for misinformation. GET vaccinated.”

In addition to this, we also found a statement of  AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria, who spoke to India Today and termed this viral message as “fake news”.

Conclusion: The viral posts claiming that anaesthetics can be life-threatening for vaccinated people is completely false and lacks scientific evidence.

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