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No, the song ‘Dynamite’ wasn’t played in the Masjid loudspeaker

Written by Md Mahfooz Alam

A news clipping is in circulation on social media platforms with the claim that in the Atala masjid of Jaunpur, a song called Dynamite was played instead of the morning Azaan call. The news clipping claims that the song was accidentally played by Aqib Ali, a 20 years old man and a BTS fan.

BTS also famously called Bangtan Boys is a South Korean song band. The band has seven boys and they were named as the twenty-five most influential people on the internet by Time magazine. Dynamite, a disco-pop song was the first song recorded by the band.

The news clipping is titled: Muslim BTS fan accidentally plays the song ‘Dynamite’ instead of Azzan on loudspeakers at 4 AM; gets arrested. The body of the news clipping reads: ” 21 year old man, Aquib Ali accidentally his mobile phone with the loudspeakers of the Shahi Atala Masjid of Jaunpur, His mistake disturbed the sleep of many people and in a few minutes, police arrived at the masjid. “I did not intend to play my favourite band’s music instead of the holy Azzan, may Allah forgive me someday”, said Aquib. He is currently set free and was fined INR 3000.”  (Archived)

Multiple users have posted the news clipping, the archived version of the posts can be viewed here, here and here.

The news clipping is viral on Facebook too.

(Photo courtesy: Facebook/Screenshot)

Facto Check:

The news clipping is fake, the viral news was not published by any credible news outlets. The news clipping on the right side at the top has used a logo similar to the news app Inshorts which publishes news in sixty words.

However, it’s not the news clipping of Inshorts, the fake news was first posted by the satire page The Realinshots on Instagram. The page describes itself as “India’s foremost fictitious source of news. Nothing we post is real and must be interpreted the otherwise.”

The satire page has now deleted the post and issued an apology stating that they never thought that the post will go viral and hurt anyone’s sentiment.

(Photo Courtesy: The Realinshots/Instagram/Screenshot


The news clipping is fake and was posted by the satire Instagram page Realinshots. There is no truth in the claim.


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  • If this type of post was posted against Hindus then probably admin would have been arrested till now with FIR, but we can simply apologize and everything will be fine.

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