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Old video of a clash between football fans in Switzerland shared as the incident from Kolkata

Written by Md Mahfooz Alam

A video in which a group of men attacking vehicles is in circulation on social media platforms with the claim of it being from Kolkata.

Facto News found out that the claim is misleading and the video dates back to 2018 of a clash between the fans of two football clubs in Switzerland.

A Twitter user shared the video with the misleading claim that reads: वीडियो कलकत्ता का बताया जा रहा है बंगाल में हालात एकदम पाकिस्तान जैसे बने हुए हैं, और ये जो गाड़ियों के शीशे तोड़ रहे हैं वो विधर्मी हैं। 70वर्षो में हिन्दू 8 राज्यों में अल्पसंख्यक हो गये किसी को पता भी नहीं चला, अब सोचना पड़ेगा नहीं तो………?????????”

(Translation: The video is being told of Calcutta The situation in Bengal remains exactly like Pakistan. And those who are breaking the windows of vehicles are heretics. In 70 years, Hindus became a minority in 8 states, no one even came to know, Now you have to think otherwise ………?????????)

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

An archive of the post can be accessed here.

The video with a similar misleading claim is viral on Facebook since 2018.

FactO Check: 

We fragmented the video into frames using the InVID chrome extension and reverse image searched them. The result led us to an article carrying a video with similar visuals on the website Tio 20. The article was published in the Italian language on 20 May 2018 and it says after a Super League Match between Basel-Lucerne,  a violent clash had broken out between the fans of two teams leading to vandalism.

(Source: Tio 20/Screenshot)

On further searching about the incident, we found an article of 20 May 2018 carrying a video with similar visuals published on the website Baz OnlineIt also says that a violent clash had broken out in Basel city after the championship game between Basel and Lucerne.  At least two people were injured and two Germans aged 19 and 23 were arrested.

(Source: Baz Online/Screenshot)


With the above findings, it is evident that the claim of the video being from Kolkata is misleading.

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