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Old video of a woman stoned to death in Afghanistan is being shared as recent

Written by Sahban

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, several unrelated old images/videos from different parts of the world and a plethora of misinformation has stormed the Internet. Many users have been sharing misinformation in context with the present situation in Afghanistan. Now, a video of a woman, accused of adultery, being stoned by a mob is shared as recent.

A Twitter user @MrDwoodZai shared the video with a caption: “Warning: Strong graphics ⛔️ Afghanistan Going through its Darkest Ages right Now, People being subjected to such Horrifying punishments without Knowing their Crimes. And the World is a Usual Silent Spectator, Talibans stoning a woman some where in Afghanistan.”Archived.


Another Twitter user @TrulyMonica quoted the tweet with “Taliban is back with its medieval practices. A woman being stoned to death somewhere in Afghanistan. But at least they did Press Conference.” Archived.


Another Twitter user @AnisaShaheed1 shared the video with a caption “‏کسی هست صدای مظلومیت این زن را بشنود؟ این اسلام است؟ زنان بیچاره در چنگ این وحشیان گیر مانده اند.⁦” which translates ‎”Who can hear the voice of this oppressed woman? Is this Islam? Poor women are stuck in the clutches of these savages.” Archived.

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

Another Twitter user @womenaidafghan1 shared the video with a caption “They stoned a woman named Allah and Akbar again and Humanoids who showed their animalism and predation under the title of religion of savagery and barbarism !!! This is also the Taliban”.Archived.

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

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FactO check:

A reverse image search of some keyframes from the video directed us to an article by Daily Mail dated 04 Feb 2020.

(Source: Daily Mail/Screenshot)

RadioFreeEurope has also published an article on the same. According to the reports, the Taliban claimed that the footage is from the October 2015. The Taliban also said that the stoning had been carried out by a pro-government militia commander. But many Afghan journalists and activists claimed that the incident is recent and it took place on 30 Jan 2021.

After viewing both the videos, we found that both the videos are taken in the same spot/location and also found a man wearing same clothes and standing at same place. Both the videos are clipped from a longer version of the video, we couldn’t find the longer version of the video. Therefore, we conclude that the video is not recent.


(Source:RadioFreeEurope and Twitter)

According to the 2015 BBC report, the woman was identified as (19-21)-year-old Rokhshana, stoned to death after being accused of having premarital sex with her fiance.


Old video is being shared as recent.

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