Old video shared as recent vote fraud in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections

Written by Md Mahfooz Alam

A video of a few burqa-clad women is being circulated on social media platforms with the claim that the women are Samajwadi Party (SP) supporters and they were caught casting fake votes in the ongoing 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly election.

In the video, a woman calling herself Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) candidate is seen arguing with the alleged SP supporter women. She claims the ID cards of these women are forged.

Facto News checked the viral video and found it to be an old video of 2017 civic polls. The woman in the video is Shaila Khan, who was a BSP candidate for the Rampur Municipal Corporation elections.

Twitter users are sharing the video with the misleading claim. The caption along with the video reads: “👉सपा की फर्जी वोटिंग रंगे हाथ पकड़ी गई बुर्के वालियां समाजवादी पार्टी को जिताने के लिए उत्तर प्रदेश विधानसभा चुनाव में फर्जी वोट डालने के लिए ही ये हिजाब और बुर्के की नौटंकी पिछले कुछ दिनों से चल रही है👇👇 हर जगह धोखाधड़ी 😡😡”

(Translation: SP’s burqa-clad supporters were caught casting fake votes. This hijab and burqa drama is going on for the last few days only to cast fake votes in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections to make the Samajwadi Party win. Fraud everywhere.)

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

Several other users have shared the video with the same claim. The posts can be accessed here. An archive of a few posts on Facebook can be accessed here and here.

FactO Check: 

We fragmented the viral video into keyframes using the WeVerify InVID Google chrome extension and reverse searched the keyframes.

The result lead us to the same video posted on 11 April 2019 by several users on Facebook. The posts claim that the burqa-clad women were caught casting fake votes in Muzaffarnagar.

(Source: Facebook/Screenshot)

In the video, the woman identifies herself as “BSP candidate Shaila”.  Using these keywords in Hindi, we again searched the video on Facebook and found it posted by several users in 2017. The 2017 posts claim that the BSP candidate caught voters using forged Aadhaar Card.

(Source: Facebook/Screenshot)

We searched for the news reports related to the incident on Google using the relevant keywords and found a report of The Times of India which confirms that the BSP had fielded Shaila Khan in 2017 for the post of Nagar Palika chairperson. We also found an interview of Shaila Khan in which she talks about forged Aadhaar cards and voting fraud in the election.

However, we were unable to verify if the burqa-clad women were Samajwadi Party supporters.


The video has been viral at different times with varying claims but it is clear from the above findings that it is an old video of 2017 civic polls

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