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Old visuals of overloaded trains shared as UP PET 2022.

Recently, multiple visuals of overly decked trains have flooded on social media, claiming their relevance from the recently organized UP PET exams 2022.

The visuals of crazy crowd on jam-packed trains are being shared as visuals from UP PET 2022 aspirants reaching to the exam center.

In the backdrop of the recent UP PET exam large number of Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission (UPSSSC) a large number of aspirants were travelling to exam centres for the Preliminary Eligibility Test (PET) 2022.

In the viral video, you can see people hanging around on the doors, windows and even on the roof of the train.

Similar claim with a different visual can be seen here.

Source: Instagram

There are similar videos of crowded trains gone viral on this context.

FactO check

We found that there are multiple videos gone viral post the PET examination that needs to be debunked. FactO has recently debunked a similar fact check.

We observed the 1st viral video by performing a reverse image search. We found that it is an old video from 2018 that shows people travelling from Gaya to Patna local train passenger crowd.

Coming down to the second video, we ran a reverse image search and found that this is the video of an incidence happened back in 24th June 2018. It was the most packed Eid Festival Special Train of Bangladesh Railway.

You can see the viral clip at the time stamp of 2:43minutes.

Moreover, we found a clarification on the official twitter handle of North Central Railway. Where they have clearly denied any relevance of the viral videos to the real event and requested people to not believe on it blindly.

Lastly, Facto found the actual footage of where you can see the aspirants jamming the station. It is true that there was a chaos in relation to travelling but the viral videos have no link with the event.

However, you can see the real footage on the youtube channel of Dainik Jagran and many more media channels where aspirants are travelling to appear for UP PET 2022 can be seen here.


The viral videos of crowded trains are old and do not have any relevance from the recent event of UP PET exam 2022 aspirants.

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