PM Modi’s edited image is viral with a claim that he is wearing women’s attire

Written by Sahban

On 18th December 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated, dedicated, and laid foundation stones for various projects worth Rs 2,450 crore in Shillong as part of the golden jubilee celebrations of the North Eastern Council (NEC).

In context with his recent visit, an image of Prime Minister Modi is being shared with a claim that the dress he is wearing a women’s attire.

All India Trinamool Congress Leader Kirti Azad shared Liu image with a caption that reads “न नर है न ही है ये नारी, केवल है ये फैशन का पुजारी/ which roughly translates to “It’s neither male nor female. He is only a priest of fashion.”


(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

Twitter account @UWCforYouth shared the image with a caption “Hurry while stocks last !”


(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

Another Twitter account @indian_armada shared the image with a caption in Hindi “ये कौनसा शौक चढ़ गया है अब? काफी मर्दाना ड्रेस लग रहा है” which roughly translates to “What hobby has he got now? Looks quite masculine dress”


(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

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The image was shared on Instagram too, click here to view one.

FactO Check:

With a close look into the picture, we found that the image of PM’s dress was superimposed on the image from a E-commerce website.

To further verify the claim, with the help of Google Lens, we found the image source on which PM’s dress was super imposed.

(Source: shorelinewearusa.com/Screenshot)

It is also to be noticed that the description of the dress in the morphed image and on the website are identical.

(Source: shorelinewearusa.com and Twitter)


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dress is superimposed on a E-commerce website image to look like he’s wearing women’s dress.


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