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Pragya Mishra of Bharat Samachar is alive, claims surfacing on social media about her murder are fake

Written by Abdul M

Social Media: Multiple social media reports about death of  Pragya Mishra have surfaced on social media today. Many users are have shared this fake claim on social media platforms with the caption “Pragya mishra murdered in broad daylight“. Pragya is a journalist with Bharat Samachar, a TV news channel in Uttar Pradesh. (Archive)

Almost all users across Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp shared this caption, “Pragya mishra murdered in broad daylight Because she was talking in news about kumbh mela in the era of coronavirus”, with a CCTV footage.

FactO Check:

The claim of Pragya Mishra murder is found to be false. The journalist has taken to social media and called the viral claim as false. Whereas the viral CCTV footage where a man is seen stabbing a young woman was first reported on 11th April. India Today reported the incident with the caption “Blinded by rage, man stabs wife repeatedly in Delhi’s Rohini as bystanders record incident”. According to the report, the 26 year old woman named Neelu Mehta, an employee of Safdarjung hospital was stabbed to death by her husband Harish Mehta.

Conclusion: Journalist Pragya Mishra is alive. The woman in the CCTV footage is Neelu Mehta. The claim, Pragya Mishra murdered in broad-day light is fake and misleading.

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