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Sambit Patra and News Track have falsely attributed a statement to SP’s leader Azam Khan and later clarified.

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Uttar Pradesh:  In a landmark judgment on 9th of November 2019, Supreme Court has ordered the Government of India to create a trust to build Ram Mandir on the disputed site in Ayodhya. PM Modi is supposed to lay the foundation stone on 6th AUG. According to the sources, there are about 200 VVIP guests, invited to be part of this event. Amidst this, Mr. Sambit Patra shared news published by News Track Live with the caption “आज़म खान बोल रहें है अगर उन्हें अयोध्या नहीं बुलाया गया तो वो जल समाधि ले लेंगे!” (Azam Khan is saying he will take Jal Samadhi if not invited for Ram Mandir foundation day on 6th August). (Archive)

This is not the first time Sambit Patra has shared fake news and fake claims, he’s been caught spreading misinformation multiple times. See here.

Tweet link: here

The same link was also posted on his Facebook page(Fan Page), which got 3k shares and 23k likes.

The news which was published by News track live had quoted wrong Azam Khan’s photo to the link which went viral over social media and WhatsApp, whereas the news portal has now updated the correct photo on their article.

Mr Sambit Patra has also made a clarification tweet, saying “Looks like this news link has published an article on different Azam Khan”. But being a spokesperson of a National Party he should’ve verified the news before pushing it to his audience.

Facto Check:

So with all the above tweets and details, we have come to the conclusion that it’s not Samajwadi Party’s Leader Azam Khan who made this statement as claimed by Sambit Patra and the news portal, but the question is who is the man who made this comment?

By keyword search, we found a youtube video, with the heading “Azam Khan ने दी चेतावनी भूमि पूजन में नहीं बुलाया तो करूंगा ऐसा ” posted in Headlines India channel. This Azam Khan is president of Muslim Kar Sevak Sangh and claims to be a Ram Bhakt.

ClaimReview: Azam Khan will take Jal Samadhi if not invited to Ram Mandir foundation day on 6th AUG

Claim By: Sambit Patra

Fact Check By Facto News: MISLEADING


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