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Tanishq store wasn’t attacked as claimed by NDTV. Store officials were ‘THREATENED’ to write an apology note

Written by Kaiz Shaikh

Gujarat: Jewelry brand, Tanishq’s diverse and harmonious advertisement has caused a lot of controversy. The Ad featuring inter-faith marriage was trolled and boycotted by a section of social media users. A day after the boycott trend, Tanishq has taken down the advertisement from public broadcast. On October 14, 2020, popular media houses like NDTV, India.com, and One India published a news claiming Tanishq Store in Gandhidham, Gujarat was attacked by a mob.


Did the channels circulate misinformation?

A twitter user @theskindoctor13 claims that he has called the Tanishq showroom at the exact time when the news channels started reporting that a mob has attacked Tanishq store in Gandhidham, Gujarat. The user has posted an audio clip from his twitter handle. The audio clip seems to be like a conversation between the @theskindoctor13 and the store official.

The conversation between the store official and @theskindoctor13 contradicts NDTV and other media channels’ claims. The store official strictly denies the claim that their store was attacked. Listening to the audio clip, it seems like  the store official doesn’t have any clue of what is even published on the news channels.

What actually happened at Tanishq Store in Gandhidham..?

According to, Economic Times journalist, DP Bhattacharya, a group of people have stormed the Tanishq store in Gandhidham on October 12  and threatened the Store Manager and Employees to write an apology note. Mr. Bhattacharya has posted a video from his twitter handle in which, a man wearing black shirt can be see seeking assurance from the store official about the apology note. The man can be heard threatening the store official, asking him to hang an apology note on public display at the store entrance. He also asks the store member to take the picture of the apology note and send it to him on his phone.

The apology note read as “We apologize to the Hindu community of Kutch on the shameful advertisement of Tanishq”. Although the store was not attacked or vandalized by the mob, the store manager and employees received threats and they were forced to write an apology note even after the controversial advertisement was taken down already.

However, after being called out by many social media users for circulating misinformation, NDTV later issued an update on their prior statement.


It is evident that there was no attack on the Tanishq store in Gandhidham, Gujarat. A group of  men stormed into the store and threatened the store officials to write an apology note. Following the threatens, the store officials put out an apology note in public display on October 12. So the news published on Oct 14, by NDTV, One India and other news channels is misleading and fake. Many verified BJP leaders and supporters called out the news as fake and overshadowed the fact that store manager and staff were threatened to write an apology note for an ad that was already taken down.



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