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The video claiming ‘a baby with 3 eyes is born’ is edited & fake!

Social Media: A video of a baby is doing rounds on social media with a claim that the baby in Germany is born with 3 eyes. Many people have shared it on twitter believing it to be true.

In the video, it can be seen a baby has 3 eyes and blinking them.


FactO Check:

While doing fact check of the claim and the viral video, we searched on Google with the keyword “three-eyed baby” and found a video that was uploaded on YouTube by a channel ’10news India’ with a similar claim.

The video had a detailed description of a rare genetic disorder called “Craniofacial Duplication”. When we searched this keyword we found an article from a journal, ‘West African Journal Of Radiology‘. The journal has a detailed description of the condition and talks about a case of a 1-year-old child who had this rare genetic disorder. The child is not the same as in the claimed video. The description in the YouTube channel is copied from the journal. And there is no similar case reported except the one from the journal.

Also, The Quint observed the claimed video in multiple frames, that the left eye and the third eye have the same movement. Someone has copied the movement of the left eye and edited the video by adding a fake eye on the forehead. This video clip is nothing more than a edit where some edited eye on the forehead of the children.

Multiple frames show that the movement of the left eye is copied onto the third eye in the viral video.

The Quint

Conclusion: So the viral video claiming that three-eyed children is born in Germany is edited and no such case has been reported apart from the one which was reported in West Africa

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