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The viral video of Delhi Police beating a child is not 8 months old

Written by Abdul M

Delhi:  The Mojo Story has posted a video on 24th AUG in which a Policeman can be seen beating a child with Lathi. The Mojo Story is a Video blog platform run by Barkha Dutt. As soon as the story went viral on Twitter, BJP Delhi leader Kapil Mishra quoted the tweet and claimed that the video is 8 months old.

Mishra has over 800K followers and his tweet went viral, he also created a false claim that man was a chain snatcher and attacked the Police with a blade.

“Fake News by Barkha Gang, This is 8 months old video, The guy is a chain snatcher caught when he was attacking women on road with blades he attacked the cops as well with blades”
This claim went so viral, can be found here.

A Delhi Based Journalist Raj Shekhar Jha also made the same claim about the video. Jha’s tweet from his official/verified handle went viral on social media. He claimed that Delhi Police has clarified that Video is 8-month old, and the guy was a chain snatcher.

“The video of a policeman beating up a man in Delhi is eight months old. The guy in question is a snatcher who was caught while using blades to attack people during the crime. Before the video was shot, he had attacked the cops as well, Delhi Police has clarified” (Archive)

His tweet went viral along with Mishra’s. People started sharing a screenshot of Raj Shekhar’s tweet with Mojo story’s to target Barkha Dutt and Mojo Story. Rishi Bagree, a relentless purveyor of misinformation has also shared Raj Sekhar’s tweet along with Mojo Story’s. The same post he made over his Facebook page also got over a thousand shares.

FactO Check:

We will investigate all three claims of Kapil Mishra here., (1) Video is 8 months old, (2) Man is chain snatcher, and (3) He attacked Police. Since the video went viral everyone was waiting for the Truth, even the Mojo had no evidence to prove if the video is latest or old, They made a tweet saying they are trying to get details from stranger who sent them the video.

This morning, Indian Express has published an article “Inquiry ordered against Delhi cop after a video of him beating child goes viral”,  According to the article, The police believe the incident took place on August 22, when the constable was on night duty and found some children lying on the road in the area. “He asked them to leave, but when he came back 30 minutes later, he found them lying in the same location. He then started beating a boy with a lathi (stick). A passerby recorded the incident,” a senior police officer said.

So this clarifies that all the 3 claims made by Mr. Kapil Mishra are found to be Fake.

Conclusion: The video posted by Mojo Story is found to be the latest and the claim made by Mishra and others about the video is found to be FALSE.


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