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Times Now used video from Andhra Pradesh to Target Kerala Govt.

Written by Abdul M

On April 17, KK Shailaja, Health Minister of Kerala said that Thrissur Pooram festival could not be cancelled despite surging covid cases because “it would cause problems”. It created a lot of stir across the country. However, on April 19, the Kerala govt. decided to not make this a public event. Times Now, on 17th April while discussing ‘Thrissur Pooram festival’, which is scheduled to be held on 23rd of this month, posted a video of large crowd from Andhra Pradesh in a tweet and said “Large gatherings seen in Kerala despite skyrocketing of COVID-19 cases.”

During the show, the Anchor and reporter were discussing about the ‘Thrissur Pooram festival’ and some visuals were running in the background where large crowds were gathered and celebrating. But the visuals running in the background are not from Kerala. We can also see ‘Kurnool, AP April 15, 2021’ written on the top right of the video.

FactO Check:

With a simple reverse image search on Google, we found an article published by The Wire on 16th of April, “Large Crowds Participate in Cow Dung Fight in Andhra Pradesh Amid COVID-19 Surge”. Thousands have gathered in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh to celebrate Ugadi by throwing cow dung at each other, which seems to be a tradition followed from years. The state has been recording nearly 5,000 cases daily for the past few days, as such events continue to be held unchecked.

Conclusion: This looks like an editorial error by Times Now. Although the anchor and reporter were discussing Thrissur festival, the visuals shown were from Kurnool Andhra Pradesh which is misleading.

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