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Truth behind the viral image of the couple with Russian and Ukraine flags

Written by Sahban

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, an image of a couple draped in flags of Russia and Ukraine is viral on Twitter. Many social media users have reached out to us know about the details of the picture.

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor shared the image with a caption “Poignant: A man draped in the Ukrainian flag embraces a woman wearing the Russian flag. Let us hope love, peace & co-existence triumph over war & conflict. ” Archive | Twitter


Many users have copied his tweet, click here to view.


Journalist Meena Kotwal shared the image with a caption “Choose Love not War❤️” Archive |Twitter


For more claims click here, here and here,

FactO check:

A reverse image search of the image directed us to a article by The Washington Post with a title “She wore the Russian flag. He had Ukraine’s. Some people loved the photo and others were aghast.” dated 4 December 2019.

(Source:Washington post)

Taking cue from here we found the Instagram account which first posted the image on 29 November 2019 ,the post can be seen here.


The story:

Juliana Kuznetsova and her fiance were at a concert in Poland. At some point, the girl noticed among the viewers the flags of two neighboring but conflicting countries. Suddenly she had an idea.

She is Russian, her fiancé is Ukrainian. They borrowed these flags and asked to photograph them together after the concert of the Belarusian rapper Max Korzh in Warsaw.

Juliana claims that the photo was not staged. In the picture, she and her fiance, each wrapped in the national flag of their country, are standing up close – opposite each other, holding hands.

“We had no political intentions with this photograph,” she said.

Conclusion: The image is from 2019 and not recent.

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