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Twitter user who gave threats to Kohli’s daughter is not from Pakistan but from India

Written by Sahban

Virat kohli, captain of India’s national men’s cricket team stood in support with Mohammed Shami after the bowler was targeted on social media after the loss to Pakistan team. Many right leaning Twitter accounts from India ran a Hashtag on Twitter against Kohli, one of the account gave threats to Kohli’s daughter which reads as, “Shame @AnushkaSharma Waiting for Vamika photos to get revealed so that we can fcuk her #ChupRehBhadweViratKohli”. Archived Version of the tweet can be found here.


Many Twitter users claimed that the account is of a Pakistani as he/she had mentioned Indian occupied Kashmir in Twitter bio and had a Muslim name with Pakistan’s flag.

A Twitter user @ABDFan18 shared the screenshot of tweet and said “Everyone report this pakistani chu @Criccrazyygirl”.Archived version of the tweet can be found here.

Another Twitter user @MrSinha_  shared the images of the tweet and Twitter profile and said”Once again it’s a Pakistani bot….”.Archived version of the tweet can be found here.


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FactO check:

We first checked the account and found it was deactivated.


On searching the username in Twitter search and found a reply of @save_video, a bot which provides a link to download a Twitter video. The bot had mentioned @ramanheist in cc. 


We then searched @ramanheist in the Twitter search and found replies to @Criccrazyygirl. 

(Source:Twitter search)

With the help of wayback machine, we found archived tweets by both the usernames ( @ramanheist & @Criccrazyygirl )and found that both username have same unique Twitter ID: 1386685474182369290,Twitter ID doesn’t change if username is changed.

(Source:Wayback Machine/Screenshot)

With the help of wayback machine we found the following details:

  • Account name before: cheems
  • Username before: @ramanheist
  • Account name after: Criccrazygirl
  • Username after: @Criccrazyygirl
  • And later account name was changed to Amena.

(Source:Wayback Machine)

A comparison of tweets by both the username can be seen below.

(Source:Twitter and Wayback Machine)

It can also be noticed from the above image that the user was discussing about Nifty, a Indian stock index.

We also found the user using Hindi, A Pakistani barely knows Hindi, and he/she is correcting someone here means he/she knows hindi very well.

(Source:Wayback Machine)

By going through the Twitter search with @Criccrazyygirl we found a reply of another user @Hedge_Trader_SR as “Bhagya nagar ?”


With the help of wayback machine we found @Criccrazyygirl’s reply which was “City of Pearls”, Hyderabad, India is known as City of Pearls.

(Source:Wayback Machine/Screenshot

In addition to this, we also found another user replying @Criccrazyygirl in telgu, which suggests that the user is from Andhra Pradesh.

(Source:Wayback Machine)

We have already pointed out the same through our tweets when many right wing accounts have tried to prove that it is a Pakistani account.


The Twitter account which gave threats to Virat kohli’s daughter is from India and not from Pakistan.

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