Unrelated video of a girl from an event is viral as of Hathras case victim

Written by Abdul M

Bengal: A 19 year old Dalit girl was allegedly gang raped and murdered by four upper caste men in Hathras village, Uttar Pradesh. She battled for life for 14 days and succumbed to injuries. After the news of her death came out, many unrelated pictures went  viral claiming to be of the victim. FactO News did a fact check on one such claim where social media users were sharing an unrelated picture of a girl and demanding justice for the Hathras victim.

Now another video is going viral across social media and WhatsApp where a girl can be seen cheered and congratulated by people surrounding her. A Facebook user Sanjay Kumar Rana claimed that the girl in the video was the Hathras victim and wrote, “मनीषा पढ़ाई मे टॉपर भी थी *एक अदुत्य रूप में मनीषा बाल्मिकी जब एक एग्जाम टॉप की थी।* ये वोही बेटी हैं जिसका गेंगरेप कर के जीभ काट कर और आँखे एवं शरीर को जख्म करके हत्या कर दी थी ॥* आवाज उठाना मेरा कर्तव्य हैं ” (Archive) (Manisha was a topper in education, check this awesome video of people welcoming her when she topped an exam, she is the same girl who was raped and her tongue was chopped off. )

Another Facebook user Minhaz Choudhry posted the same video, but later changed the caption from Manisha to “#Girls who get respect from the public also do not get minimum respect in the eyes of the government nowadays. All girls should learn to live with respect like this.”

The video is shared by multiple users on Facebook with the claim that the girl in the viral video is the victim from Hathras alleged rape and murder case.

FactO Check:

We received a request on our WhatsApp number to fact check the viral claim. We converted the video into multiple frames and did a reverse image search of each frame. The results have directed us to a video posted in an YouTube channel on 5th March 2020, The caption reads “GRAND WELCOME DIAMOND LEADER SAFE SHOP MS NAZIA MADAM”, we found many videos on Nazia Madam in YouTube which proves that she is not the Hathras case victim.

What is Safe Shop?

According to their website, it looks like an e-commerce company selling all safe shop India products. They sell fashion, health/Beauty, and lifestyle products. Their business model is based on MLM architecture.

Who is the Girl?

The girl in the viral video is Nazia Anwata (aka Nazia Madam), she was allegedly the first woman Diamond leader of Safe Shop India. You can find multiple videos of her speeches in different Safe shop events here.

Conclusion: The girl in the viral video is not the Hathras case victim. She is Nazia Anwata, India’s first women Diamond leader of Safe shop, a Delhi-based MLM business. So the above claims are false and misleading.


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